Two cups of coffee and two spoons on a wooden table in Siem Reap Cambodia

Best Coffee in Siem Reap Cambodia: 9 Favorite Cafes in 2024

Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most famous city and is where millions of tourists come from around the world to see Angkor Wat and the surrounding complex. As a result, Siem Reap has become a cool hip city with a great food scene, nightlife, and cafe culture. In fact, there are so many places to get coffee that it can be a bit overwhelming. So on our last trip to Siem Reap, we put together a list of the best coffee in Siem Reap.

We spent a week in Siem Reap with our kids scouting out the best espresso and coffee in town. Our family spent a month in Cambodia, which was a fun second trip for us, as we had also visited Siem Reap on our honeymoon more than a decade ago.

Whether you are looking for a strong long black to start your day, the perfect espresso, beautiful coffee art to sip after a day of exploring temples, or an iced Americano to cool you off, these coffee shops in Siem Reap are sure to hit the spot.

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What Makes a Great Coffee Shop in Siem Reap?

A great coffee shop starts with great coffee: good beans, freshly ground, and a well-trained barista to make the perfect cup of coffee. We also look for cafes with an espresso machine, and ideally good coffee art.

Coffee art is important because it means that the cafe has taken the time to train its staff, and this often is reflected in the quality of coffee they serve, as well as the quality of the cafe overall.

Spending an afternoon in a coffee shop is a great low-key way to recover from days spent exploring the temples of Angkor in the hot sun. These coffee shops are all locally or independently run, you’ll also find lots of chain coffee shops around Seim Reap including Noi Coffee, Brown Coffee, and Starbucks.

The Best Coffee Shops in Siem Reap

These are the best coffee shops in Siem Reap, based on trying lots of coffee around town! These are coffee shops and cafes we have personally tried and liked and would recommend to our friends.

Siem Reap has a strong coffee culture, but many places have closed over the last year or two, as Siem Reap has struggled to gain back the tourist numbers it once saw. These are the top Siem Reap coffee shops that are still operating, and better than ever, many of them with philanthropic goals.

Most of these cafes open at 7 am, so you can grab a coffee early, though many close by 5 pm, and start to run out of pastries by early afternoon.

Some of these coffee shops overlap with our favorite cafes in Siem Reap, where you can get lunch, brunch, or dinner after a long day of exploring. Be sure to check out our full list of the best cafes in Siem Reap.

If you are interested in Khmer food and Cambodian culture, be sure to book a food tour of Siem Reap. We’ve got the best Siem Reap food tours (including our personal favorite). Our top pick is this sunset food tour by tuk-tuk!

1. Brother Bong Cafe

Located across the river from the main part of Siem Reap, Brother Bong is an open-air cafe. Owned and operated by Cambodians, they also roast their own coffee!

Close up image of a flat white with coffee art and a pretty plate and spoon from Brother Bong in Siem Reap Cambodia

They have a full range of coffee drinks and fruit smoothies, with Western-style breakfast and lunch, and Khmer food options. You will note that the local food is about half the cost and if you haven’t yet, you should try the Lok Lak, traditionally made with beef, but also available with chicken, in a house gravy, and served with rice.

I loved their long macchiato, while Cynthia liked their simple espresso. Our girls loved their mixed fruit blended with ice and the games they had available for people to play. They were happy to play Connect Four for quite a while while we slowly enjoyed our drinks.

Brother Bong Cafe: Street 20, Krong Siem Reap
Open daily 7:00 to 17:00

2. The Village Bakery & Cafe

The Village Bakery & Cafe has wonderful bread, baguettes, and even pretzels! They have a small but delicious menu for breakfast or lunch, but their pastries and cakes are what had our mouths watering.

They also have great coffee! We stopped here twice for coffee and treats- we enjoyed sitting inside and also enjoying the outside patio.

Outside of the Village Bakery with awning and our family out front

This lovely little bakery and cafe is set in the Kandal Neighborhood, a delightful area with lots of shops, restaurants, and cafes. We loved walking around and window shopping, it is also just two blocks below Made in Cambodia Market a great place to find high-quality locally made arts and crafts, and one of our top things to do in Siem Reap.

The Village Bakery & Cafe: 575 Hap Guan Street, Mondul 1 Village Siem Reap
Open daily 7:00 to 19:30

Editors Note:

Bao Kandal, across from Village Bakery, is one of our favorite cafes in Siem Reap. We went back a second time just to have the Chocolate Bao, a dessert Bao with their handmade bao bun, chocolate peanut house sauce, and slow-cooked buttered bananas with crumbled caramel! Incredible!

3. The Source Cafe

This cafe was one of our favorites for both coffee and food, we ate here twice! The Source Cafe is located in the northern part of the main town, but it is worth the slightly longer walk.

Inside you will find a range of tables and it is fully air-conditioned, which is great in summer when the temps outside can easily hit 100°F (38°C).

French toast cut into triangles with fruit and sauce on a plate an a coffee off to the side at Source Cafe in Siem Reap Cambodia

They serve Western-style breakfast and lunch, as well as healthy juices, smoothies bowls, and shakes. The portions are big and the presentations are beautiful. You will find solo travelers enjoying a coffee on their laptops, groups sharing a meal, and couples relaxing after a day of exploring.

They have a wide selection of coffee options, from an espresso, americano, or long black, to a piccolo (like a small cappuccino, this is one of my favorites), flat white, latte, or cappuccino.

You can get iced coffee drinks and a nice selection of teas, and for those who do not like regular milk, they have coconut, almond, and soy milk options for a small upcharge.

The Source Cafe: Taphul Street, Krong Siem Reap
Open daily 7:00 to 17:00

4. The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe

This cafe is in the Kandal neighborhood and just down the road from The Village Bakery & Cafe. The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe is my favorite coffee in Siem Reap. It is sort of hidden and you feel like an explorer finding treasure when you get there.

Enjoy a quick espresso or cold drink downstairs, or make your way past the kitchen and upstairs to the lovely indoor seating where you can relax and order breakfast or lunch.

Plate with pancakes with bananas and nuts and a pitcher of syrup, two coffee cups in red  and orange at the top of the image.

We had a flat white and a dirty chia latte, and shared a bagel sandwich. The girls shared the peanut butter pancakes with caramelized bananas and crushed cashews and the tropical fruit salad with yogurt & granola. The coffee here is fair trade, and there is an effort to be sustainable.

We also went to their sister cafe Fox Tale while in Phnom Penh. We really enjoyed it so were excited to try this version. While at the Fox Tale, we had some of the best fresh banana bread we have had, in any country.

The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe: 593 Hup Guan Street, Mondul 1 Village
Open Thursday through Tuesday 7:00 to 17:00 (closed Wednesdays)

5. Crane

Just south of the Kandal village, you will find Crane, perhaps the funkiest place on our list. Crane is a mix of cafe, bar, restaurant, and loft shop, all in one. When we first found it walking by, we noted the wonderful menu and thought it would be fun to come back for dinner.

Outside of the Crane Cafe and Shop in Siem Reap showing stools, small tables, and lots of plants

They have a fun and eclectic menu that is ever-changing. We had the chicken quesadillas, ginger tofu with brown rice, and Tom Yum soup. After dinner, we shared dessert and two perfect shots of espresso.

Next time we would go back for brunch and more coffee!

Crane: Central Market St, Krong Siem Reap
Open daily 7:30 to 22:00

6. Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop

Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop is a hidden gem a bit north of the city center. Down an alley, this is not a place you will find just in passing. Come for breakfast or lunch, or just to enjoy a pasty and coffee. But coming early is better as we found many of their treats sell out before they close.

We still enjoyed a Key Lime Tart, and the girls had passionfruit juice while we had an americano and a cappuccino. The coffee is good, but the tart was amazing!

A fancy key lime tart on a plate with two tall juice glasses behind at Bayon Pastry School Cafe in Siem Reap

Bayon Bakery & Pastry School is part of a non-profit organization that was started in 2014, with the idea of giving underprivileged women in the area a vocation, so that they can take their learned skills out into the world and be self-sufficient and independent.

Education, as well as food and lodging, are provided to the women for free. After the training, they are placed in internships in the fine hotel restaurants in Siem Reap to gain real work experience. You can read more about the project on the Bayon website.

Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop: Mondul 2 Village, Taphul Rd
Open daily 7:00 to 18:00

7. Sister Srey Cafe

Located on the Siem Reap River, across from the Old Market and the Old Market Bridge in Downtown Siem Reap, Sister Srey Cafe is almost always busy. They serve breakfast and lunch, along with a selection of pastries, coffee and teas, smoothies, and juice.

The coffee here was excellent, a little more expensive than the other cafes, but the cafe is also heavily invested in the Cambodian community, giving to APOPO and the local partner, the Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC). So you can have a coffee or food and feel good about where your money is going!

A flat white coffee and slice of banana bread on a pottery plate at Sister Srey Cafe in Siem Reap

We stopped for coffee, cold drinks, and a snack after exploring the Old Market. I had a delicious flat white and Cynthia ordered a double espresso. The girls loved the Rejuvenate Juice, a mix of watermelon, pineapple, and blended ice.

We all shared some slices of the house banana bread with butter and palm honey. The Western-style breakfasts here look amazing as well. This cafe fills up quickly in the morning and around lunchtime, so plan to get their early or possibly wait for a seat.

The owner of Brother Bong actually learned his trade here at Sister Srey before opening his own shop.

Sister Srey Cafe: 200 Pokambor St
Open daily 7:00 to 18:00

8. Krousar Café

Less than 10 min. walk south from the Old Market Bridge, you will come to Krousar Café. Back in 2019, Jason and his partner Tola, along with the help of Jason’s mother, started this family café with the idea of a place where everyone can be themselves and feel at home.

With a wide range of coffee offerings, as well as tea, juice, and shakes, Krousar serves Western and Khmer-style comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

This is a great place to go for coffee or a full meal.

Krousar Café : 17 Sala Kamreuk Road
Open daily 7:00 to 22:00

9. Footprint Cafe

Across the river on Street 26 is Footprint Cafe, located next door to Miss Wong Cocktail Bar, and across the street from Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant.

We had hoped to make it here for coffee but were just not able due to timing. This cafe gets great reviews and is working to help the community.

Footprint Cafe: 13 Street 26, Wat Bo, Village
Open daily from 7:00 to 19:00

FAQ: Best Coffee in Siem Reap

What kind of coffee will I find in Siem Reap?

You can find a full range of espresso-based coffee in Siem Reap Cambodia from an Americano to piccolos, flat whites and cappuccinos, and lattes and cold brewed coffee.

Is coffee expensive in Siem Reap?

I guess it depends on where you are coming from. A single espresso is between $1.50 and $2.00. An americano is between $2.00 and $2.50 and a latte or cappuccino is between $2.50 and $3.00.

Are there coffee chains in Siem Reap?

Yes, you can find coffee chains in Siem Reap like BROWN Coffee, Noi Coffee, and Starbucks.

What is the currency in Cambodia?

The official currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian riel which is pretty stable at around 4,000 riel to the US dollar. The US dollar is the unofficial currency, and you will see many menus priced in US dollars.

Can I pay for coffee in US dollars?

You can pay in US dollars as long as the bills are large, new, and crisp. They will not take US bills with any wear, and if you pay in US dollars, you will get change in riel.

When do most coffee shops in Siem Reap open?

Most coffee shops and cafes in Siem Reap open around 7:00 a.m. and close around 5:00 p.m. unless they serve dinner and then will close between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Are these coffee shops kid-friendly?

Yes, these cafes are kid-friendly. Many offer breakfast dishes that appeal to kids such as pancakes, and most offer non-caffeinated drinks like ices or juices that most kids adore.

E loving her watermelon iced drink at Sister Srey in Siem Reap Cambodia
E(6) loving her iced watermelon drink at Sister Srey

There You Have It: Best Coffee in Siem Reap

These cafes are where you’ll find the best coffee in Siem Reap. Whether you want to grab a morning Americano, enjoy an espresso and pastry for breakfast, or relax in the afternoon after a long day of exploring temples, these cafes are the best in town.

You’ll find a lot of these coffee shops are working hard to help their communities and can feel good about sipping your espresso or latte and supporting their cause.

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