Choose a Country or Region Below to Begin Exploring!

The world is such a big place we’ve broken it up so you can easily explore by region. We’re excited to explore more corners of the world as a family.

Sunset is a highlight of a family trip to the Grand Canyon

North America

As Americans, we’ve lived in New York City, Boston, and more! We’ve spent months road-tripping across the US exploring cities and National Parks. We also love to drive into Canada and Mexico when we can.

Visit South America with Kids

South America

South America has everything from beaches to jungles, to amazing ruins. We’ve explored Colombia, Peru, and more as a family.

View of the glaciers of Iceland


So many countries packed into a rather small area, there’s always more to explore.

Hotel high on the mountain with switchback road and red van below


Such a diverse range of countries on this massive continent. We started our explorations with Morocco.

Family Gap Year

Is a Family Gap Year or Family Year Out right for you? Tools to plan for a family gap year or extended travel with children.

Family Travel Gear

We are super picky about our travel gear! Check out our best recommendations for the whole family.