Main entrance into Pile Gate, Dubrovnik Croatia on Game of Thrones Tour

The Dubrovnik Card: Why You Should Get a Dubrovnik Pass

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a wonderful, ancient city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Here you’ll find a charming old walled city, full of history and culture, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dubrovnik Card gives you access to major attractions including the famous city walls, as well as free public transport, ensuring you make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

We spent a week in Dubrovnik as part of a month spent exploring Croatia with our kids. As full-time travelers, we see lots of pretty beaches, but our whole family loved exploring this ancient city. The museums in the Old City were a great way to escape the heat, as is kayaking around the famous walls and visiting gorgeous beaches.

In this post we’ll explain what is included in the Dubrovnik Card, also called the Dubrovnik Pass, whether it is worth it, where to buy it, how to use it, and why you should get one! We’ll cover who should buy a Dubrovbnik Pass and who should skip. Since the Dubrovnik Card includes admission for one child under seven with every pass, families can save even more than the average visitor.

When we visit cities, we usually stay for at least a week and don’t usually visit a lot of pricey attractions, so often the city cards or city passes don’t make sense for us. This Dubrovnik City Card is the exception! Read on for why the Dubrovnik Pass is a must for your first visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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What is the Dubrovnik Card?

The Dubrovnik Card is a city pass for tourists that includes admission to some of the major sites in Dubrovnik, as well as access to public transportation, and discounts at other attractions, restaurants, and stores. Used properly, the DuPass should save you money on major attractions that you’ll want to visit anyway!

Is the Dubrovnik Pass the Same as the Dubrovnik City Card?

Yes, the Dubrovnik Pass is the official name of the Dubrovnik tourist pass. It was rebranded in 2022 from the name Dubrovnik Card when a digital version was created.

The Dubrovnik Pass can be bought online and used with an app on a mobile device. It is sometimes also abbreviated as the DuPass. They are all the same card designed to make visiting popular attractions in Dubrovnik easy for tourists and give them an incentive to visit some lesser-known attractions as well.

How Many Days Is the Dubrovnik Pass Valid?

The Dubrovnik Pass has three versions- you can buy a Daily Pass (1 Day), 3 Day Pass, or 7 Day Pass. You’ll have to look at which included attractions you are interested in visiting to determine which pass is right for you.

The 3-Day Pass is only 10€ more than the 1-Day Pass, so visiting one extra attraction will justify buying the longer pass and allow you a more relaxed visit, rather than trying to squeeze as much as possible into one day.

Looking down on Onofrios Fountain in Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia

What is Included in the Dubrovnik Pass?

The One Day Dubrovnik Pass includes admission to the following attractions in Dubrovnik:

-Dubrovnik City Walls (including Lovrjenac fortress)
-Cultural History Museum, Rector’s Palace
Maritime Museum, Fort St. John
-Ethnographic Museum
-Marin Držić House
Dubrovnik Natural History Museum
-Friars Minor Franciscan Monastery Museum (known for its old pharmacy)
Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
-Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery
-The Pulitika Studio
-Archeological Exhibitions, Fort Revelin

Also includes a 1 Day bus card, valid for 24 hours on city buses.

All passes include one child under 7 in your admission. You may only visit each attraction once.

The 3-Day and 7-Day passes include the same attractions, as well as the Bukovac House in nearby Cavtat. These include 3-day (72 hours) and 7-day (168 hours) bus passes as well. A one-way bus ticket is approximately 2€ without the Dubrovnik Card.

Each Dubrovnik Pass also includes discounts on other attractions, tours, and restaurants. This includes discounts on tickets for the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival. You can see the full list of discounts, but I would consider these “bonuses” and not factor them directly into the cost of the Dubrovnik Card.

As you book other tours or visit shops or restaurants in Dubrovnik, make sure to inquire whether they offer a discount with your Dubrovnik Card.

What is Not Included in the Dubrovnik City Pass?

There are so many things to do in Dubrovnik, and not all of them are included in the Dubrovnik City Pass. You should note that the Dubrovnik Cable Car up to Mt. Srd and the ferry to Lokrum Island are not included in the Dubrovnik Card. This is one of many families’ favorite things to do in Dubrovnik, and is not cheap.

However, with the 3-Day Pass, you do get a 20% discount on the Lokrum Island Ferry, which increases to 30% with the 7-Day Pass.

Lokrum island is a quiet oasis, and a great day trip away from the heat and crowds of Dubrovnik. It’s also a must for Game of Thrones fans, as the original Iron Throne is located here. Check out our full guide to visiting Lokrum Island.

What Does the Dubrovnik Pass Cost?

As of 2024, the Dubrovnik Pass costs 35€ for the 1 Day Pass, 45€ for the 3 Day Pass, and 55€ for the 7 Day Pass.

There is one price for everyone 7 years old and up, there are no discounts for seniors, students, or children.

Is the Dubrovnik City Card Worth it?

Yes, if you plan to walk the Dubrovnik City Walls, the Dubrovnik City Card is worth getting for adults. The cost of a ticket to the walls is currently 35€, the same as the Daily Pass. You will also be able to bring one child with you, saving their admission cost of 15€.

If you are a first-time visitor to Dubrovnik we highly recommend walking the old city walls of Dubrovnik be one of the first things you do in the city. You’ll get a great overview of the city and can see for miles around, including out to Lokrum Island.

We walked the city walls our first morning in Dubrovnik, and it gave us all a great overview of the city and out to Lokrum Island. Don’t forget to peer into the bell tower to see the famous twin bell ringers called “zelenci”.

You can walk at your own pace, our kids loved exploring the nooks and crannies, and climbing the stairs to get even higher above the city. We also had a chance to take some fun family photos.

Make sure to start early (they open at 8 a.m.) to avoid annoying crowds. We also prefer starting at the entrance on St. Dominics Street, rather than by Pile Gate, as you are less likely to have crowds.

We recommend this City Walls Walking Tour that takes you along the city walls. We have a full list of the best Dubrovnik walking tours from Croatian food tours to ghost tours.

Tourists walking the city walls of Dubrovnik with the harbor beyond

Keep in mind that the Dubrovnik Card also includes skip-the-line access, so you’ll spend more time seeing the sights of Dubrovnik, and less time waiting in line.

If you decide to join one of the popular Game of Thrones Tours in Dubrovnik they usually include a visit to Lovrjenac fortress which was featured as the Red Keep in the series. However, the cost of admission to the fortress is not included in most tours but will be covered by your Dubrovnik Pass.

If you are not planning to walk the City Walls, you’ll need to calculate whether the cost of the DuPass is worth it based on the cost of your planned attractions. Many attractions offer reduced rates to children, so it is unlikely that a DuPass will make sense for children. Instead, buy them only for the adults in your group.

We highly recommend a visit to the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik– it’s included in the Dubrovnik Pass, and is a great break from all the ancient sites in Dubrovnik.

Courtyard and sculpture of Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik with Dubrovnik Card

Our family also enjoyed visiting the Rector’s Palace, which contains the Cultural History Museum and is also included in the Dubrovnik Pass. This beautiful building houses a mix of displays, from weapons and intricately locked chests, to ornately decorated rooms and painted palanquins.

Interior room of museum in Rectors Palace Dubrovnik

Pros of the Dubrovnik Card

Here are some of the reasons we think the Dubrovnik Card is a good fit for a lot of visitors to Dubrovnik:

-Skip the Line Access: don’t waste time waiting in line. Dubrovnik can get really crowded, so this is a great benefit.

-Carry Less Cash: Since major attractions are already included, you’ll need to carry less cash and purchase fewer individual tickets

-Incentives to Do More Things: With so many attractions included, you can see more things in Dubrovnik without worrying about “whether they are worth the cost”. Check out a new gallery, or museum, and you may be surprised how much you and your family enjoy it! Without an extra ticket cost, you can pop into an attraction at no extra cost and see if it interests you. We are sure you’ll discover some hidden gems!

-Free Public Transport: No worrying about how much to pay for the bus, grab the bus pass that is included in your Dubrovnik Pass and hop on and off the bus as much as you like. You can easily visit beaches, restaurants, and more outside of Old Town.

-Discounts on tours, additional attractions, restaurants, and more, including the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Don’t miss our list of our favorite things to do in Dubrovnik, as well as the best family-friendly places to eat in Dubrovnik.

How Do I Buy a Dubrovnik Pass?

The easiest way to buy a Dubrovnik Pass is online! It won’t be activated until you first use it. If you don’t want to buy the Dubrovnik Pass online, you can also purchase it at any tourist board office or major hotel when you are in Dubrovnik.

How Do I Use the Dubrovnik Pass?

Your Dubrovnik card is activated when you use it at your first attraction, or when you get a bus ticket using your city pass, whichever is first. You cannot just board a bus, you must show your pass at a bus ticket window to get an actual bus pass.

Download the Dubrovnik Card App to use the city pass from your mobile phone. You can also buy a Dubrovnik Pass from tourist booths or major hotels.

FAQ: Dubrovnik Card

Is cable car included in the Dubrovnik card?

No, the cable car up to Mt. Srd is not included in the Dubrovnik Card.

Is Fort Lovrijenac included in the Dubrovnik card?

Yes, Fort Lovrijenac is included in the Dubrovnik Card, as it is part of the entrance to the Dubrovnik City Walls, which is a central feature of the Dubrovnik Pass.

Is the Dubrovnik card worth it?

Yes, if you plan to walk to the walls of Dubrovnik, then the Dubrovnik Card is worth getting. The extra days are easily worthwhile if you plan to visit a few of the other included attractions like the Rector’s Palace and Monastery.

The cost of a 1 Day Dubrovnik Pass is the same as the ticket to access the walls. If you are traveling with kids, the pass also includes admission for a child, so you’ll save money.

There You Have It: Dubrovnik City Card

The Dubrovnik Card is a must-have for your first visit to the ancient city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. With its charming walled city, rich history, and UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Dubrovnik is a destination that captures the hearts of travelers from around the world.

With the Dubrovnik Pass, you save money on visits to major attractions, including the renowned city walls. You’ll also be able to avoid the hassle of waiting in long lines or paying for tickets in cash. Walking the city walls is one of the things to do in Dubrovnik, and this alone will pay for your Dubrovnik City Card!

Even if, like us, you usually tend to skip pricey attractions, we highly recommend walking the Dubrovnik City walls, which makes the Dubrovnik Pass worth purchasing. Dubrovnik has so much to offer, we’re sure you’ll be just as captivated by this sunny, coastal city as we were.

Exploring more of Croatia? Don’t miss our guides to visiting the capital city of Zagreb, beautiful Zadar, or the historic city of Split with its island excursions. We’ve also got an itinerary for Plitvice Lakes, which should be part of every Croatia Itinerary.

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