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37 Best Family Travel Gifts (for 2024)

Wondering what to gift the family that travels a lot? Families that travel are notoriously hard to buy for! We’ve rounded up some of the best family travel gifts that you’ll want to give (and maybe also get). These gifts are great for the holiday season, but also perfect when you need a housewarming gift, a going abroad present, or even a graduation gift!

In this post, we’ll cover travel gear to use on trips, travel gift experiences like fun family subscriptions that will keep the giving spirit going month after month, as well as the best travel-themed gifts for use at home.

As full-time travelers, we know how hard it is to find things that are useful when on the road, or that keep the spirit of travel alive when we are staying in one place for a while.

We also have included travel gifts for national park lovers, and the best travel-themed games and puzzles. We also have a great selection of beautiful travel-themed books. Most of these travel gifts are under $100- these are some of the best travel gifts for the whole family!

Don’t miss our other gift guides for travelers- we’ve got the best travel gifts for kids and the best travel-themed stocking stuffers!

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Family Travel Gifts: Gear

Traveling as a family takes a lot of gear- these items make great gifts, and most are under $100. These are our family favorites, including some key items that help us keep our kids safe.

1. Apple AirTags

AirTags are small GPS trackers that fit inside backpacks, pockets, or anywhere else you want to stash them. The battery in each one lasts about a year.

AirTags are great gifts for families who travel.

We keep them inside all of our travel bags. If the kids wander off, we can track them via the backpack they are carrying.

For younger kids, consider a bracelet or necklace so the AirTag is actually on their person. You can also clip it to their clothing.

Buy Now: Apple AirTags

AirTags are one part of a complete safety plan- check out our best posts for keeping kids safe when traveling.

2. AirTag Protectors

We also love these bright silicone AirTag protectors that come with a keychain for easy attaching. These keep the AirTags from getting scratched up and shuffling around inside your luggage. The colors make them easy to see, and easy to customize for each member of the family.

S's backpack open to show the AirTag in a colorful silicone cover, clipped to the bag.

Buy Now: AirTags Protective Case

3. Road ID Bracelets

Road IDs are silicone bracelets that hold a metal plate engraved with important information. These are great for anyone with an active lifestyle- how many times have you gone for a bike ride without taking an ID?

These can be used for adults, kids, and even animals. Our kids wear them in case we get separated- so they always have our cell phone numbers. You can customize them as you like, including with any medical condition. Ours have our names, emergency contact numbers, allergy info, and blood types.

We use the stretch silicone bracelets but you can also get versions with buckles, or even that attach to your Apple watch. The stretch bracelets come with three sizes in each box so you can find each person’s correct fit. We find them very comfortable and love that they come in lots of fun color options.

Buy Now: Road ID Bracelets

4. Family Passport Holder

Keeping your family passports and other official documentation together is essential. We love this Zero Grid Travel Wallet / Family Passport Holder. It holds up to six passports, but it’s perfect for a family of four.

Family Passport holder is great for storing all your important documents

Well, honestly, after two years of travel with all the metro cards and SIM cards, and visa papers it’s getting a bit stuffed!

The slim zippered closure is made of water-resistant nylon and RFID blocking to protect you from identity theft. With space for passports, credit cards, currency, and an internal zippered pocket, the wallet includes a pen for customs forms.

We use this to hold our passports, yellow fever cards, global entry cards, diving cards, extra passport photos, and more. With all of these things for a family of four, this holder is pretty full, but everything is still organized and easy to access.

Interested in smaller passport holder options? Check out other options in our post on the best stocking stuffers for travelers.

Buy Now: Family Passport Holder

5. Portable Tech Charger

This Portable Charger is a must for travelers. At roughly the width of your phone and 5,000 mAh capacity, this pocket-sized charger holds firmly to your phone with no dangling cords. This little device charges with an output of 12W, so you’ll be back to snapping pictures in no time.

The USB-C flips down when not in use. There are little dots on the front indicating the power level, so you’ll know when your charger is running low.

Buy Now: Portable Tech Charger

6. International Power Adapter

This Travel Power Adapter has 8 international adapters, 4 USB smart ports, and 4 three-prong outlets with surge protection. Its compact size and only one pound weight make it easy to bring on your next adventure.

International power adapter that allows you to charge all you devices at once. Great for traveling families.

We love this adapter because we can use one plug in a hotel room, then plug all of our devices into the adapter via USB to charge. This is one of the first things we unpack in a new destination.

Buy Now: International Power Adapter

7. UV Water Purifier

This UV Water Purifier will treat a liter of water in 90 seconds and kill 99.9% of bacteria that can make you sick.

The LED display is easy to read and user-friendly. This eliminates tons of one-use plastic water bottles when you are traveling- great for the environment, and great for your pocketbook!

This water purifier is also perfect for camping where you may not have access to clean water, this comes with an easily packable pouch and is a great gift for any traveler.

For a slightly higher price point, check out the Ultra. The smaller, lighter-weight wand is an upgrade from the classic model, and now has a rechargeable battery and included USB cable.

Buy Now: Ultra UV Water Purifier

8. Travel Scarf with Hidden Pocket

This infinity scarf is fashionable and useful! The pockets are large enough to hold a passport, phone, money, and more. Made by a small family business in Massachusetts, this scarf gets amazing reviews!

Buy Now: Travel Infinity Scarf

9. Foldable Travel Bag

This Foldable Travel Bag is incredibly versatile and collapses down to the size of a purse when not in use. It can easily be packed for a day trip, or used as your carry-on.

With lots of storage options including a built-in wet bag and trolly sleeve, this waterproof bag is fully air travel compliant and will fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

This is a great present for any traveler- we love having an extra bag to use as a beach bag, or to hold those extra souvenirs we picked up at the last medina.

Buy Now: Foldable Travel Bag

10. Osprey Ultralight Dry Stuff Pack

This 20L packable daypack folds down small and light- it’s the perfect “extra” backpack to stuff in your luggage! It has a roll-top, IPX5 waterproof, non-submersible closure, so you don’t have to worry if there is a change in the weather. It has padded shoulder straps and a sternum closure, so it’s comfortable to wear all day, plus an exterior zippered stash pocket for essentials and 2 side stretch pockets.

This is a wonderful travel gift for those who like to travel light- you can fly carry-on only and still have an extra bag when you arrive at your destination!

Buy Now: Osprey Ultralight Dry Stuff Pack

11. Packing Cubes

These Amazon Basics Packing Cubes are a great way to keep your clothes organized inside your suitcase or travel pack. In a variety of colors and sizes, these are great for the whole family.

You’ve probably heard about packing cubes- they really are a travel game-changer. We’ll never travel the same way again! We use one color for each member of the family so there’s never any mix up.

No more dumping out the contents of your backpack while trying to find something stuffed at the bottom.

From backpackers to families, these packing cubes are a win for all types of travelers!

Packing clothes for Kids for Family Year Out

Buy Now: Packing Cubes

Family Travel Gifts: Experiences

There’s nothing better to give a travel-loving family than the gift of experience! We love choosing memories over material things we may not really need.

12. USA National Park Pass

America The Beautiful National Parks Pass gets you into all national parks as many times as you like for one year.

Most National Parks cost $35 per vehicle, which means this pass pays for itself in three visits. Use this pass for places that charge per person to admit up to four adults (children under 16 are always free).

We used a national park pass for our long cross-country road trip, as well as our Northwest road trip. We love exploring National Parks and this pass makes it easy to add in an extra stop or two.

Buy Now: Annual US National Park Pass

13. Eat2explore Cooking Subscription

This is a great idea for family dinners. With eat2xplore, you can subscribe to get the featured country each month or buy country packs individually.

eat2explore cooking subscription great travel gift for the whole family

You can also choose a bundle of five recipes from one continent. They provide the menu, recipes, and all the spices and dry ingredients you will need.

You can buy fresh ingredients at your local store when you are ready to prepare the meal. This is a wonderful way to get kids excited about cooking, new tastes, and new places, all while making a healthy meal.

Buy Now: Eat2explore Cooking Subscription

14. Universal Yums Subscription

Give a taste of the world with these fun snacks from around the globe.

Universal Yums stocking stuffer for the family

You can give Universal Yums as a single box, or as a recurring gift for three, six, or twelve months, with a new box arriving each month.

This is a great gift for the whole family. Each month’s snacks come from a different country!

Buy Now: Universal Yums Subscription

15. Tours and Classes on Location

Families love to receive experiences for their next trip!

You can pre-book for them via Viator, or enclose a gift card for Airbnb Experiences (good for lodging or tours). Not sure where they’re going next? You can also find cooking classes or other family-friendly experiences closer to home.

Family Travel Gifts: Home

These gifts feature a travel or world theme, but you’ll leave them at home when you hit the road. These make great keepsakes or reminders for those who love to travel.

16. Urban Map Rocks Glasses

These Rocks Glasses (think bourbon or whiskey) each feature an intricate city map. Choose your city- from Atlanta to Washington DC. Celebrate your home city or old haunt.

These glasses are 3.5″ high, and hold 11 oz of your favorite drink. Each glass is sold individually.

Buy Now: Urban Map Rocks Glasses

17. Little Talk Conversation Cards

These Little Talk cards are designed to get families sharing with conversation prompts for the whole family.

These cards feature prompts to change up the conversations on your road trip, or while you are sitting around the dinner table. They are appropriate and accessible for all ages.

These are great for taking on a road trip or engaging kids and grandparents in meaningful conversation.

Cards are color-coded into six categories to help guide the conversation.

This is a great gift for road-tripping families and one of our top recommended road-trip activities for kids!

To find more details and more ideas check out our full list of car activities for kids.

Buy Now: Little Talk Conversation Cards

18. World Traveler’s Cork Globe

This Cork Globe is a great family gift and comes in a monochromatic version that we love. Use pins to mark your last trip, or plan your next one!

There are no labels on this globe, so you’ll need to know your geography. Available in in a 7.3 inch version, this is a great addition to a home office or study space.

Buy Now: World Traveler’s Cork Globe

19. Rotating Earth Globe

The Earth with Clouds Globe by MOVA is 4.5″ in diameter and is how the Earth looks from space. Utilizing solar cell technology it gently rotates with any ambient light (no batteries required).

You can also get this as the moon, or any of the planets in our solar system!

Buy Now: Rotating Earth Globe

20. Graphic Travel Art

Since I have a graphic design background, I’m always drawn to fun graphic prints! At Society6 you can choose between different sizes of prints, or get a favorite image on a mug, mobile phone case, or even a side table. These make great family gifts for the art-loving traveler on your holiday list!

“Always Take the Scenic Route”- Scenic Route Art Print

“Not All Who Wander are Lost”- Retro Throw Pillow

“New York is Always a Good Idea”- Tote Bag

Abstract Italian Coast Houses- Framed Mini Print

Shop Society6 Art Prints

Family Travel Gifts: US National Parks

21. Scenic Science of the National Parks Book

This book highlights the geology, botany, and wildlife of each of the National Parks. It’s a fun addition to the bookshelf of any avid National Park visitor!

Buy Now: Scenic Science of the National Parks Book

22. National Park Rumpl Blanket

This weather-resistant, puffy outdoor blanket stuffs down small and is perfect for lots of different outdoor activities.

With details like a cape clip (so you can wear it like a cape), and corner tabs so you can stake it down, they’ve thought of everything to make this your favorite outdoor blanket.

Choose from several National Park designs! This is one of the best gifts for National Park fans!

Buy Now: National Park Rumpl Blanket

23. National Parks Field Notes

These small notebooks come in packs of three, each highlighting a different National Park. With six different sets of field notes available, you can choose your favorite parks, or collect them all!

Each notebook is 3.5 x 5.5 inches, so they are easy to take on the road with you as you explore the parks!

Buy Now: National Parks Field Notes

24. Vintage National Parks Puzzle

This 1,000-piece National Parks Puzzle features park posters and logos in a retro style. From Acadia to Yosemite, there are all sorts of parks and wildlife represented in this puzzle.

Comes in a muslin bag in a cute storage tube. Perfect for the whole family to do together.

25. Subpar Parks: America’s Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors

The Subpar Parks book by Amber Share combines beautiful illustrations with informative text and funny one-star reviews that disappointed visitors have left online.

This is a great book for anyone who loves national parks, has a sense of humor, needs one, or has been to a national park and was completely underwhelmed by what they saw… it’s the perfect travel gift for a teen or tween!

Buy Now: Subpar Parks Book

26. Yahtzee: National Parks Edition

This fun travel version of the classic dice game Yahtzee features symbols of the National Parks, from a deer to binoculars.

An easy game to take along on a visit to the parks, while your purchase supports the National Park Service.

Buy Now: Yahtzee: National Parks Edition

27. 50 States Traveled Journal

The perfect gift for road trippers, or RV families, this 50 states journal has two pages for recording your experiences in each of the 50 states. Handmade in Colorado, it will help you preserve all your road trip memories- good and bad!

Buy Now: 50 States Traveled Journal

Thinking of buying some gear for your next road trip? From backseat organizers to jumper cables, we’ve got a complete list of all the best road trip essentials.

28. National Park Themed Compression Packing Cubes

This set of six compression packing cubes each features a different National Park. Includes two large cubes, two small cubes, one laundry bag, and one tube cube (great for socks).

A colorful way to show your love for the national park system, and save room when you pack!

Buy Now: National Park Themed Compression Packing Cubes

Travel-themed Jigzag Puzzles

Does your family love to puzzle? Work on geography and inspire your next bucket list trip with these fun family jigsaw puzzles.

29. Hello from Around the World Puzzle

This 500-piece puzzle takes your family around the world via colorfully illustrated stamps representing various countries.

The individual squares make it easy for kids to sort the puzzle by stamp, so even younger kids can tackle parts of the puzzle.

We have this puzzle and the girls argue over who gets to put together the rainbow each time!

Buy Now: 500 PC World Puzzle

30. Vintage Travel Poster Puzzle

Bon Voyage! This Travel Poster Puzzle takes you on a trip around the world from Chile to Japan with vintage-style posters.

This 1,000-piece puzzle is sure to keep the family occupied and is a great way to chat about your next destination or travel bucket list!

Buy Now: Vintage Travel Poster Puzzle

31. Cuba Puzzle

Take a trip to Cuba! Michael Storrings illustrated this 1,000-piece puzzle, featuring a street scene in Cuba.

This series also includes puzzles of Paris, London, and New York City.

Buy Now: 1000 Piece Cuba Jigsaw Puzzle

Family Travel Gifts: Travel Books

You can never have too many beautiful books to inspire more family travel!

32. Bookstore Gift Card

Not sure which book to buy? How about a gift card to is an online bookstore that helps to financially support local, independent bookstores. You can choose a specific local bookstore to support, or your order will be distributed evenly among all the locally run stores that supports.

Buy Now: Gift Card

33. Epic Road Trips of the Americas

This beautiful hardcover travel book by Lonely Planet is not one to pack on your next trip, but more to keep in your home and inspire your next adventure.

This book has fantastic travel ideas from North America, South America, Central, and the Caribbean! We love to road trip, and this book has endless ideas to choose from.

Buy Now: Epic Road Trips of the Americas

34. Wanderlust USA

With beautiful photography, Wanderlust USA charts 30 hikes across the USA- the perfect gift for a hiker or outdoorsy person on your holiday list!

Buy Now: Wanderlust USA

35. Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways to See the World

Brilliant Maps is the perfect gift for the traveler who loves maps and data. This book full of map infographics is sure to be a hit!

Buy Now: Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds

36. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

The Bucket List is the perfect holiday gift for the armchair traveler or the avid planner. Full of ideas and images from around the world.

Buy Now: The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Making your own bucket list? Check out our ever-growing list of family travel bucket list locations!

37. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

The National Parks is a heavy coffee table book designed to accompany the documentary by Ken Burns. Take your time with the beautiful images in this book.

Buy Now: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

There You Have It: The Best Travel Gifts for Families

These are some of the best family travel gifts! From gear they’ll use on trips, to gorgeous coffee table books to family jigsaw puzzles, there’s something special for every traveling family on your list.

Whether you are looking for travel coffee table books or gifts to remind you of your favorite national park, these are the best travel gifts for traveling families!

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