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7 Top Golf Cart Tours of Rome in 2024

Rome, Italy is a fantastic city- often called the Eternal City- it is packed with history, culture, and of course amazing food and wine. Whether you are a couple, a family, or on a multi-generational vacation, Rome, Italy is always a great choice. Wondering what the best way is to see this enchanting city? A golf cart tour of Rome, Italy is wonderful way to see the city with less exhausting walking.

We spent six weeks in Italy during our Family Year Out, when our kids were 4 and 7. We loved exploring Rome, from major attractions like The Colosseum to wandering through neighborhoods and trying as much gelato as possible. Rome is a big city, and you will find yourself walking a lot on cobblestone streets.

In the post, we’ll cover the best golf cart tours in Rome- what to expect, and how each tour is different. We’ve also included a few other fun vehicles you might enjoy for touring Rome, as well as tips for what to bring with you on your golf cart tour of Rome.

A golf cart tour is an accessible and eco-friendly way to take the guesswork out of sightseeing in Rome. You’ll get a small group, a knowledgeable tour guide, and a vehicle to take you between sites, saving you from miles of walking on cobblestone streets. Whether you’re interested in history, tasting the best food in Rome, or seeing the city’s monuments lit up at night, we’ve got the best golf cart tours of Rome for you.

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Rolling Rome golf cart tour in front of Colosseum

Best Golf Cart Tour of Rome
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Private Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Why Take a Golf Cart Tour of Rome?

Touring Rome in a golf cart is a great way to pack a lot of sightseeing into one day. While these are not fully accessible trips, they have a lot of advantages over walking tours or trying to do it yourself:

  • More sights in less time, with no worries about navigating from one site to the next.

  • Tours will pause for you to exit the vehicle, take photos, and move around the site, but usually do not enter any ticketed sites.

  • The covered golf cart gets you out of the summer sun- which can really drain your energy, but you’re still in the open air, and experiencing the city life around you.

  • These are small vehicles, so you get an intimate tour with a guide you can hear. No giant groups or huge buses! Many of these golf cart tours are private and can be tailored to your wishes.

  • Touring via golf cart is great for small children or older folks who can’t walk all day- perfect for multi-generational trips! Rome’s cobblestone streets are difficult for strollers, walkers, or any other aides. These golf cart tours whisk you around Rome, saving your legs!

  • Essential for anyone with limited mobility- walking is still involved at some sights, but it is much reduced from visiting without a golf cart. If you, or someone in your group, use a wheelchair or other mobility assistance, be sure to let the tour company know ahead of time.

  • Be aware that the streets of Rome can be bumpy- many of these tours are not recommended for pregnant travelers. However, these carts are street-legal and licensed. You don’t need to worry, they are safe!

  • These vehicles are open on the sides, so they are not great for very cold or rainy weather. These Rome golf cart tours are fantastic for hot summer days when they provide plenty of shade and lots of fresh air.

Quick Guide: The Best Golf Cart Tours in Rome, Italy

Rolling Rome golf cart tour in front of Colosseum

Private Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Over 1700+ 5 Star Reviews
Private, 7-Hour Tour

Empty golf cart at scenic viewpoint in Rome

VIP Golf Cart Food Tour of Rome

Includes Tastings and Wine
Finishes with a Rooftop Dinner

The 7 Best Golf Cart Tours of Rome

These are the best golf cart tours in Rome for every traveler- from the history buff to the foodie. Whether you are looking for a half-day, full-day, or completely customizable private tour, we’ve got you covered. We found that walking around the cobblestone streets of Rome can be exhausting, this is the perfect way to save your energy for the sights.

Oh, and if a golf cart doesn’t sound sexy enough, we snuck in a few other fun and unusual vehicles as well! Vespa anyone?

1. Private Golf Cart Tour of Rome with Rolling Rome

Rolling Rome golf cart tour in front of Colosseum

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ Up to 7 Hours   โœ… Private Tour, Amazing Reviews   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

This private golf cart tour of Rome blows away the competition- with a staggering 1500+ five-star reviews! You have options from 2.5 hours up to a full 7-hour day, so you decide how much you’d like to see. Includes hotel pick up and drop off, and includes lunch with full-day tours.

“What an outstanding experience. We booked a golf cart tour on our first full day to have a fully encompassing first experience of Rome. My mother uses a walker, and she was beautifully accommodated.”

-Kristen (Read More Reviews)

Her tour and explanations were perfect for our family including a 10yr old child. She included all the Roman highlights, a few local sights, and some we specifically requested. I was a little worried about an open golf cart against the โ€œcrazy Italian drivingโ€, but there was no need. Clara navigated the crazy Italian traffic masterfully and we never felt unsafe.”

Lillian_S (Read More Reviews)

The full-day tour (10 am – 5 pm) tends to book up well in advance, so plan ahead for that one. There are also 3-hour and 2.5-hour options.

Learn about the palaces, monuments, churches, fountains, and statues of your choice and you will hear stories about Italy’s capital city on this customized golf cart tour. This private tour can accommodate up to 8 people.

Book Now: Private Golf Cart Tour of Rome with Rolling Rome

Not sure where to stay in Rome? Check out the best hotels in the hip neighborhood of Trastevere, which is our favorite place to stay when we visit. Visiting during the summer? You need a hotel in Rome with a pool!

2. Private Golf Cart Tour of Rome Including the Colosseum

Inside of the Roman Colosseum, including the floor

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ 4 Hours   โœ… Includes Colosseum   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

Most golf cart tours of Rome drive you to the outside of the Colosseum, give you time to take photos, and then move on. This tour, however, includes a guided tour inside the Colosseum. This is the ONLY golf cart tour in Rome that we found that includes this feature.

We highly recommend visiting the Colosseum with a tour guide, as you’ll come away with a much better understanding of the history of the monument, and how it actually functioned. Our family has visited both ways and we strongly recommend a guide.

“My complaining teens LOVED it!!! From planning to execution it was seamless and wonderful!!! Best guides. Best experience… Hot as heck and golf cart made it doable!!!

-Reviewer (Read More Reviews)

The itinerary for this tour will change based on the availability of timed tickets for the Colosseum. After spending an hour in the Colosseum, you’ll also see other highlights of Rome such as the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Pantheon.

Book Now: Private Golf Cart Tour Including Colosseum

3. VIP Food Tour of Rome via Golf Cart

Empty golf cart at scenic viewpoint in Rome

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ 4 Hours   โœ… Includes Food and Wine   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

Calling all foodies- this Rome golf cart tour is for you! Forget walking tours to get the most delicious food in Rome, take a golf cart between tasting venues!

You’ll see the major sites of the city including Saint Peterโ€™s Basilica, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Circus Maximus, Castel Sant’ Angelo, and the breathtaking Gianicolo Hill Lookout Point. But, you’ll also try local street food, toast with prosecco at an amazing viewpoint, then dine at a rooftop restaurant.

“This was our first day and first tour of our vacation and hard to top!!! I would highly recommend doing this tour on your first night. It took the guess work out of where we were eating on our first night and Dario was nice enough to share other places to visit on our own.”

-Verified Reviewer (Read More Reviews)

This tour is run by Eating Europe, which specializes in amazing food tours (we personally loved their tour in Lisbon). You’ll try 5 different iconic Roman dishes along with wine pairings (or craft beer).

There are alternate drinks available for children, but the minimum age for this tour is 8 years old. This tour can be adapted to be vegetarian, gluten-free, or adapted to specific allergies.

Book Now: VIP Food Tour of Rome via Golf Cart

(Also, if you love Italian food, don’t miss our guide to where to eat in Rome)

4. Full-Day Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Spanish Steps of Rome on a blue sky day

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ 7 Hours   โœ… Full Day Private Tour   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

This is a private, full-day Rome golf cart tour for groups of up to 7 people. You’ll see the highlights of Rome, including driving by the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain, as well as smaller sites like the Ghetto Ebraico (Jewish Quarter), and the Campo di Fiori.

“Ivano was the perfect host and an incredible tour guide. Not really a guide as we became friends within the first 1 km. We had a great time and saw many things off the typical tourist path.”

-Wayne (Read More Reviews)

Since this is a private tour of Rome, you can customize your itinerary, and your guide will pace your tour to the group’s wishes. Hotel pick-up is included from the center of Rome.

Book Now: Full-Day Golf Cart Tour of Rome

5. Golf Cart Tour of Rome by Night (with drinks)

view of Rome lit up at night, best seen via night tour

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ 3 Hours   โœ… Small Group, Includes Drinks   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

This evening golf cart tour is your chance to explore the twinkling lights of Rome! With a 6 pm start, you’ll cruise through town soaking in the atmosphere of Rome at night, with a small bottle of prosecco in hand.

You’ll see many of the monuments and churches lit up as you socialize with other participants- no more than six people per golf cart tour.

This is a terrific tour for the summer months- you’ll enjoy the cool evening breeze, rather than trying to sightsee in the heat of the afternoon.

“What a delightful way to see the highlights of Rome in what was a beautiful evening. We stopped once for a nice light snack and glass of wine. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and highly recommend it!

-Tracy_D (Read More Reviews)

As prosecco and wine tasting are included, this tour is designed for adults only (ages 18+). You’ll be driving past most monuments rather than exploring them on foot, so this is a great way to get a sense of the town and plan where you’d like to return during the day for more exploration.

Book Now: Golf Cart Tour of Rome by Night

A night tour of Rome is a great way to experience the city. Enjoy the lights of the city without the heat or crowds of the day. We’ve got the best night tours of Rome, from food tours to buzzing around in a vintage Fiat.

6. Tour Rome by Golf Cart and Visit the Catacombs

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ 3 Hours   โœ… Includes Catacombs   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

Tour Rome via golf cart and see Roman catacombs as well! This golf cart tour of Rome includes major sites like the Colosseum, Appian Way, and Circus Maximus. It also includes a 45-minute tour of the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus with a Vatican guide or priest.

“Absolutely fantastic- one of the top highlights of our 3 week trip. So informative and interesting- a little off the beaten path of what you can see on foot. He was so passionate about the showing us the history of Rome and all it was, that the catacombs (which we thought would be the highlight) came in as just an agreed bonus.”

-jkimmerling88 (Read More Reviews)

You’ll see major attractions as well as a few that are a bit off the beaten path and learn all about the history of Rome.

Book Now: Tour Rome by Golf Cart with Catacombs

Interested in the Catacombs? Check out the best tours of the Roman Catacombs (this is one of them)! These catacombs have a lot more to offer than just bones, they are perfect for art lovers! There are always new amazing things to discover in Rome.

7. Tour Rome by 1960s Auto Rickshaw

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 5 Stars   โณ 3 Hours   โœ… Private, Best for Couples   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

This (not-quite-a-golf-cart) tour is perfect for couples or best friends! Tour Rome in a chauffeured Ape Calessino, a 1960s three-wheeled auto rickshaw. This unique vehicle holds a maximum of three travelers. How fun is this? If you have a larger group you can take two vehicles.

“Great experience! Michael was our driver and he was wonderful! We saw to coliseum, the ancient bathhouse, a beautiful city overlook and many other cool things. Michael is a local and had much to share!”

-James_B (Read More Reviews)

This tour includes pick up and drop off at your hotel, as well as a stop for coffee or gelato. This is a private tour, so it can be customized as you wish.

Book Now: Tour Rome by 1960s Auto Rickshaw

Bonus Pick: Tour Rome by Vespa Sidecar

Colorful vespas lined up outside the Colosseum in Rome during a tour

๐ŸŒŸ Rating: 1000+ 5 Stars   โณ 3 1/2 Hours   โœ… Cool Vehicle   ๐Ÿ”Ž Check Rates

Start with a breakfast of pastry and cappuccino, then head off in your Vespa with Sidecar! So it’s not technically a golf cart, but with over 1000 five-star reviews, this tour seemed too good to leave out.

Each Vespa fits a driver and two people, so this tour is best for couples or parties of 2, although up to six Vespas can drive together if you have a larger group.

“This was the most fun thing we did on our 12 day trip to Italy! We had such a blast. Itโ€™s a great way to see all the big sites in Rome, the tour guides are so knowledgeable and nice.”

-Andrea_B (Read More Reviews)

You’ll each have a helmet and seatbelt, as well as headphones to hear the driver’s live commentary. One person sits in the sidecar, and the other person sits behind the driver, though there are opportunities to switch places if you like.

This tour includes 12 stops that cover wide-ranging sites from the Trevi fountain, to the alleyways of Trastevere.

Book Now: Tour Rome by Vespa Sidecar

What to Bring on a Golf Cart Tour of Rome?

The great thing about a gold cart tour of Rome, is you don’t have to bring much! Make sure to bring water, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes. While a golf cart tour reduces your walking, you’ll still need to do some walking on uneven streets.

I personally like these Sketchers, as they come in fun colors and don’t look too “sneaker-ey”, but are comfortable with good support.

Women need to carry a shawl or pashmina to cover their shoulders before entering any church. Avoid short skirts or revealing tops as these will exclude you from entering churches or other sacred spaces as well. Men will also need to cover their shoulders and remove any hats before entering a church (including the Pantheon).

FAQ: Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Is it worth doing a tour of Rome?

Yes, it is worth doing a tour of Rome! Rome, Italy is a large city with a lot of history packed into many different neighborhoods. A tour guide can point out details you would otherwise miss, and tell you stories to make the buildings and monuments come to life.

How long should I stay in Rome?

We recommend at least four days in Rome. It’s a large city and you need a few days even to see the highlights. A week would be great, and we hope to go spend a month at some point!

What is the best month to visit Rome?

The best months to visit Rome are in the Spring (April, May), and Fall (September, October). You’ll find warm but not scorching hot weather, and avoid the summer crowds. Even in these shoulder seasons, visit popular places like the Trevi Fountain in the morning to avoid crowds.

Which area in Rome is best to stay in?

We highly recommend staying in the hip, cobblestoned neighborhood of Trastevere. These narrow streets are packed with cafes and shops, but you can still walk to the biggest sites in the city. We’ve got the best places to stay in Trastevere for every budget. If you are visiting during the warmer months, consider a Rome hotel with a pool!

How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Rome?

We recommend using Welcome Pickups. They’ll meet you at the airport, and take you directly to your hotel. You can add child car seats, leave instructions for your driver (like letting them know you have two strollers), and can book everything online!

There You Have it: Best Golf Cart Tours of Rome

We’re confident that one of these highly-rated Rome golf cart tours will be the best choice for you and your group. You’ll love the ease of moving through the crowds and seeing more in Rome with less effort. Look carefully at the itinerary, reviews, and start time to determine which Rome golf cart tour is right for you.

Whether you choose our top pick (Private Golf Cart Tour of Rome with Rolling Rome) to see Rome’s top sites or prefer a golf cart food tour with wine tastings from VIP Food Tour of Rome, we know you’ll have a great time learning more about this fantastic capital city.

Also visiting Florence? We’ve got guides on things to do in Florence, the best day trips from Florence, and of course, family-friendly places to eat in Florence!

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