Best food tours in Lisbon include local cheese and delicious bread

9 Top Lisbon Food Tours for Authentic Portuguese Food in 2024

Food is a wonderful part of the culture in Portugal, and Lisbon is a great city to explore while learning about how the food and the culture influence each other here. Lisbon food tours will introduce you to the best food in the city, and wines you’ve probably never heard of, as well as give you a little history of the city and how it all fits together. On an authentic Lisbon food tour, you’ll taste the famous “bacalhou,” (cod) as well as pork, local cheeses, olive oil, wine, beer, and more.

We spent two months in Lisbon learning about the culture, trying the food, and strolling the picturesque streets. There is sunshine year-round in Lisbon, making it a great place for a family vacation in the winter months when the crowds are lower than in the summer.

We love food tours because you can ask lots of questions, and learn what to look for when choosing where to eat for the rest of your stay. Many tour guides will also give you a list of their favorite restaurants at the end of the tour.

In this post, we’ll share which food tour we enjoyed in Lisbon, as well as some alternatives that might be a better fit for you and your family. We’ll cover how long each tour is, which neighborhoods the tour covers, and what sets each one apart, with both small group and private options to consider.

We have also included a bonus baking class at the end of the list!

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Quick Guide: The Top Food Tours in Lisbon, Portugal

Bifana sandwich on a plate next to superbock beer in Lisbon

Undiscovered Lisbon Food and Wine Tour

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Small Group, 3 1/2 Hours

Sprinkling cinnamon on a pastel de nata during the Campo do Ourique Food Tour of Lisbon

Lisbon Awakens: Campo de Ourique Food Tour

Campo de Ourique Market
Small Group, 5 1/2 Hours Long

Tuk Tuk on the streets of Lisbon with tram tracks underneath during a food tour of Lisbon

Private Tuk Tuk Food Tour of Lisbon

No Walking up Hills or Stairs
Travel by Electric Tuk Tuk

Tips for Enjoying Lisbon Food Tours

Here are a few tips to make the most of your food tour in Lisbon:

-Wear comfortable shoes. Lisbon is hilly and mostly cobblestones. The stones are dry set, so the sidewalks are often bumpy and uneven. After even a sprinkle of rain, the stones can be quite slippery.

-There are lots of stairs. Most food tours will take you on a route that includes stairs so that they can include one of Lisbon’s famous “miradouros”, or viewpoints over the city. Be prepared to do a bit of climbing on your tour.

-Wine is a part of Portuguese culture. All of these Lisboa food tours also feature wine and other alcoholic beverages fairly heavily. If you don’t drink or are bringing children (alcohol is for 18+ only), make sure to let the tour company know, and they’ll have substitutes available for you. Drinks are included in the price of the tour.

-Portuguese food tends to be seafood and meat-heavy. Tours will do their best to make substitutions as needed, but having a fully vegetarian tour may be difficult unless the tour is specifically designed for vegans or vegetarians from the outset.

-Make sure to let your guide know of any allergies or food restrictions at the start of the tour (and ideally beforehand as well).

-Try to book your Lisbon food tour for early in your visit. You’ll get a good overview of the neighborhood and get great advice for where to eat during the rest of your stay.

The Top 9 Authentic Lisbon Food Tours

These are the best food tours in Lisbon for every traveler- from those who love wine to those who are more interested in seafood or street food! From group tours to private tours, we’ve got the best Lisbon food tour for you!

Most of these tours will include pastel de nata, the famous Portuguese cream tart, as well as Ginja, the cherry liquor that Lisbon is known for. You will also probably try cod in at least one dish if not more! You can also expect Portuguese wines, cheese, and cured meats.

1. Top Pick: Undiscovered Lisbon Food and Wine Tour

Bifana sandwich on a plate next to superbock beer in Lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars (1400+)   ⏳ 3 1/2 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Baixa, Mouraria 🔎 Check Rates

*We received a discount to join this tour, all opinions are our own.

This small group food tour with Eating Europe is the one we chose for our family. We shared the tour with another American family and one other couple. This tour explores restaurants in the neighborhoods of Baixa and Mouraria (the Moorish quarter).

We met at the Monumento dos Restauradores, which is easy to get to, and close to the Rossio train station. I hate being late to things, so we took a Uber and got there a few minutes ahead of time and soak up the vibes of this massive plaza.

Tour guide from Eating Europe with pink building behind him starting the food tour of Lisbon

We started our tour with a quick history lesson on Lisbon, focused on three themes that have defined the city and the food culture. Then we were off to try a bifana sandwich (marinated pork on a roll) and a local beer!

Along the way, we learned tidbits about Portuguese culture- like how to tell which restaurants have been around since before the recent tourist boom, and the terms for how (and why) to order beer in different sizes.

We didn’t feel stuffed at the end of the tour- so feel free to enjoy the food in front of you. We’ve done many food tours in other cities where we were uncomfortably full by the end, so we tend to taste a few bites, but not necessarily finish each tasting.

We took our tour in December, so ours included a stop at the Rossio Square Christmas Market where we tried Ginja, a cherry liquor typical of Lisbon. During the Christmas season, it is often served in edible chocolate cups. If you are traveling with kids, ask for a kid’s version and they’ll fill a chocolate cup with whipped cream for them.

Ginja hut in Rossio Square Christmas Market

Other travelers also rate this tour very highly, with over 1400 five-star reviews! Here’s some of what other people said after taking this Lisbon food tour:

A really great tour with the very knowledgeable, fun-loving and experienced guide Eddie. Thank you Eddie you were excellent and I highly recommend this tour. Lots of eating, drinking and laughter.

-Chris_M (Read more reviews)

Camila was our guide and she was fantastic. My wife and I enjoyed the food, the history lessons, and the company of the others on the tour with us. We met people from 5 other countries in our group.

-ReveriNicki_S (Read more reviews)

The tour was very relaxed, we never felt rushed and had plenty of time to chat with the other people in the group and enjoy the food in front of us. Except for the final dessert stop, you’ll sit down at each place, rather than standing up and eating or eating and walking.

This is a small group tour with a maximum number of 12 travelers. There are stairs, so this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

The von Bergs enjoying a food tour in Lisbon
Ginja in a Chocolate Cup on our Food Tour

We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and loved being introduced to “vinho verde”, which literally translates to “green wine”, but refers to a slightly sparkling wine made with young grapes. After the tour, we made sure to buy a few bottles from our local store to celebrate the holidays in Lisbon!

Book Now: Undiscovered Lisbon Food and Wine Tour

If you love Christmas markets, consider a December trip to Vienna, Austria!

2. Treasures of Lisbon Alfama Food Tour

Cutting board with petiscos from Alfama food tour of lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars (1300+)  ⏳ 3 1/2 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Alfama   🔎 Check Rates

This Lisbon food tour focuses on the neighborhood of Alfama, one of the oldest parts of town. This tour is also environmentally friendly, as this is a plastic-free experience. They incorporate many small, family-run businesses, and promise many tastings, so come hungry!

The restaurant selections were truly special, highlighting family owned and run places, with unique food and drink selections. We left with full bellies, happy hearts, and a great appreciation for a beautiful city. Our guide was personable, knowledgeable and so much fun to spend the evening with.

Kim_M (Read more reviews)

This tour includes a lot of fish and is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. This is a small group tour with a limit of 12 travelers.

Book Now: Treasures of Lisboa Food Tour

3. Lisbon Awakens: Campo de Ourique Food Tour

Sprinkling cinnamon on a pastel de nata during the Campo do Ourique Food Tour of Lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 5 1/2 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Campo de Ourique Market   🔎 Check Rates

This food tour in Lisbon focuses on the Campo de Ourique neighborhood. This northern neighborhood is one of the most sought-after to live in central Lisbon and features the Campo de Ourique Market- which features lots of vendors selling traditional foods. This market is the less touristy version of the famous Time Out Market on the water in central Lisbon.

It is impossible to pinpoint a favourite part of this tour because every moment was spectacular. Our tour guide Gisela was amazing. She has so much knowledge of the areas we walked through and the history of Portugal and Lisbon. She was passionate about the stories she told and had us all captivated. The food was so delicious….so many stops.

Jacqueline_P (Read more reviews)

This tour is longer than most of the Lisbon food tours- at a lengthy 5 1/2 hours. This tour is capped at 7 people, so it’s one of the smallest group tours you can get without going for a fully private tour. The gourmet market is small, so moving around with a smaller group is going to be more comfortable, and you’ll get up close to the vendors.

This tour starts and ends at the Jardim da Estrela, if you have extra time, this is a lovely park to explore. There is a great climbing structure there which our kids love, and two lovely cafes for an espresso or glass of wine. You are also right next to the Basilica da Estrela- the church is free to enter, but we particularly enjoyed the access to the roof and the dome (4€ each) via a tight circular staircase.

Book Now: Lisbon Awakens: Campo de Ourique Food Tour

4. Lisbon Brunch Food Tour

Tasting olive oil during a  brunch tour in Lisbon Portugal

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Morning Tour, Campo de Ourique   🔎 Check Rates

This Portuguese food tour explores the Campo de Ourique neighborhood and focuses on traditional breakfast and brunch foods. This tour includes a visit to the Campo de Ourique market, where you’ll have many tastings, breakfast, and even a light lunch. Alcoholic drinks are included.

This small bites and brunch tour is a great option for families due to its 10 am start time. Most Portuguese eat quite late- lunch may not start until 2, and dinners often start at 9 or 10 pm. As a family with young kids, we found this to our advantage, as we could sit down to eat in almost empty restaurants, with no reservations, and find it full as we were finishing!

We had a small group and so it was very easy to hear everything and ask questions when needed 🙂 the tour was PERFECT. The exact right amount of food and a few glasses of wine. The walking was easy and welcome in between the snacks.

Angie_M (Read more reviews)

This is one of the few Lisbon food tours that promises no climbing. The neighborhood is well known for being flat, so there are no hills or staircases on this tour.

Book Now: Lisbon Brunch Food Tour

5. Lisbon Food and Fado Tour

Fado performers during a food and fado tour in Lisbon Portugal

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Fado Show  🔎 Check Rates

This food tour is perfect for those intrigued by both unique music and delicious food! You’ll taste traditional specialties while learning about Fado, a distinctive, often sorrowful, musical tradition. You’ll stop at three places to taste “petiscos” (small bites) and hear at least one Fado show.

Fado dates back to at least the 1820s and is unique to Lisbon. Generally found in pubs, you’ll often hear melancholy tunes about the life of the poor, or about taking to the sea. Most traditional fado is performed by one singer with a guitar.

There are many Fado houses in Lisbon, on this tour you’ll discover some authentic ones that you may want to return to later in your visit. Most Fado shows start at 8 or later. Also, because time is a relaxed concept in Portugal, you may find that even the 8 pm shows actually begin much later.

We simply loved this your, our tour guide Maria is so smart and fun which made the tour terrific.

George_H (Read more reviews)

This Lisbon food tour is limited to 8 travelers, so you’ll have a wonderful small-group experience. It starts and ends at the same location in the Alfama neighborhood.

Book Now: Lisbon Food and Fado Tour

6. Wine and Food Tour of Lisbon

Two people sniffing glasses of red wine on a wine and food tour of Lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Focus on Wine, Alfama   🔎 Check Rates

This wine and food tour is ideal for those interested in the wines of Portugal as much as the food. Starting in the Praça do Comércio, this food and wine tour then explores the Alfama neighborhood. You’ll learn about Portugal’s different wine regions while tasting traditional foods such as olives and cheese.

Many other food tours include wine and beer along with their tastings, but the emphasis is not on discussing or properly tasting the wine. On this tour, the wine is front and center.

This tour is perfect for anyone looking for a more personal and authentic experience. It showcases Lisbon culture and beauty, delicious wines, and is educational about Portuguese wines and the wine industry without being pretentious.

-Susie_C (Read more reviews)

This tour is capped at 25 travelers. This company focuses specifically on wine, so the tour guides are viticulture professionals who are well-versed in Portuguese wines and the industry that surrounds them.

Book Now: Wine and Food Tour of Lisbon

7. Post-Colonial Food Tour of Lisbon

two men cooking over a stove with flames coming from the skillets on a post-colonial food tour in Lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 5 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Ethnic Specialties   🔎 Check Rates

This extensive food tour specializes in the cuisine of Post-Colonial Lisbon, so you’ll taste food traditional to, or influenced by, places like Goa, India, Cape Verde, and Brazil, which Portugal colonized.

You’ll learn about how these cultures are part of Portugal today. This is a fantastic tour for those who have already tasted the most traditional Portuguese foods, or have visited Lisbon before and want to dig deeper into the roots of the culture today.

We had a wonderful experience touring the neighborhood of Arroios in Lisbon, and sampling foods from the countries of Portugal’s colonial past. Our guide Joao was so knowledgeable and witty, we had tons of fun while learning a lot about Portuguese history, social customs and most of all food!

-Chad_H (Read more reviews)

This tour skips the pastel de natas and the main tourist districts in favor of cachupa, a stew from Cape Verde, as well as chocolate from Sao Tome. This tour is a very small group, so you’ll get to ask all the questions you can think of! There are no more than 7 people on each tour.

Book Now: Post-Colonial Food Tour of Lisbon

8. Private Walking Food Tour of Lisbon

Wine glasses and petiscos on a tray for a private walking food tour of Lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 1/2 Hours   ✅ Private Tour, 6 Stops   🔎 Check Rates

This is a private walking food tour that combines food and drink with the history and culture of Lisbon. You’ll explore the Baixa, Alfama, and Mouraria neighborhoods as you move between tastings. With a guide all to yourself, you can direct the experience and ask all your questions about life and food in Portugal!

We had a great time learning about the Portuguese history and culture from our guide, and the food he introduced us to was absolutely outstanding. Many of the dishes were ones we hadn’t tried yet (and we’d been in Portugal five days already), so it was so special to try local dishes, many of which were off the beaten path.”

-Adam (Read more reviews)

This is a private tour, that can be customized, pickup from your hotel is available if you wish.

Book Now: Private Walking Food Tour of Lisbon

9. Private Tuk Tuk Food Tour of Lisbon

Tuk Tuk on the streets of Lisbon with tram tracks underneath during a food tour of Lisbon

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Private Tour, Travel by Tuk Tuk   🔎 Check Rates

This is a great food tour for those who don’t want to walk up and down Lisbon’s hills! This is the tour I’ll be booking for my parents when they come to Lisbon- whether you have parents in their 80s like me, or kids who tire out on the steep hills of Lisbon (and start complaining), skipping the walking can make the experience much smoother!

[Our guide was] extremely knowledgeable about the sites we visited and the history of Lisbon. We went to some of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen and gorgeous lookouts to take in the magnificent views of Alfama and Bario Alto.

-Traveler (Read more reviews)

This tour can cover more ground in the fully electric tuk-tuk. You’ll follow some of the route of the famous Tram 28, and explore the Chadio, Alfama, and Graca neighborhoods. Tastings include Pastel de Bacalhau (fried cod), Bifana (pork sandwich), cheese, wine, port, and more.

An important note: Children under 7 are usually not allowed to ride in the tuk-tuk, so this tour is only suitable for 7+, with a maximum of 6 people in each vehicle.

Book Now: Private Tuk Tuk Food Tour of Lisbon

We love tuk tuk tours to move around the hills of Lisbon! We have a full list of the most fun tuk tuk tours of Lisbon, from sightseeing to street art.

Bonus: Pastel de Nata Baking Class

Pitcher pouring pastel de nata batter into pastry shells during a baking class

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 Hours   ✅ Bake and Taste   🔎 Check Rates

After you’ve tried all the specialties on a Lisbon food tour, consider taking a Pastel de Nata baking class! These traditional pastries are not simple to make, but very rewarding. You’ll divide into teams of two and create both the pastry dough and the filling from scratch.

One if my absolute favorite experiences in Lisbon! Great accommodations, perfect size group, and a fun, laughing atmosphere!

-Amy_C(Read more reviews)

While your pastries are cooking, you’ll enjoy some port, and then try your handmade treats. The rest of your creations will be packed up for you to take home, and of course, you’ll get the full recipe as well.

Book Now: Pastel de Nata Baking Class

We actually did our pastel de nata baking class in Porto, and the four of us had so much fun! If you are in Porto, we highly recommend this tour. The downside (silver lining?) is you learn just how much sugar is in each pastel, which might make you think twice about how many you eat!

FAQ: Best Food Tours in Lisbon

We love taking tours to explore a city, whether it’s a food tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia, or a night tour of Rome, these tours can change the way you experience a city.

Is it better to do a food tour in Porto or Lisbon?

Both Porto and Lisbon offer wonderful food tour experiences. Porto is often considered more of a “foodie” city than Lisbon and is where Port is manufactured. Lisbon, however, has its own specialties and boasts lots of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Is it worth doing a food tour in Lisbon?

Yes, it’s worth doing a food tour of Lisbon! You’ll learn about the history of the city including details of the devastating 1775 earthquake. Food and wine are a part of the tours, but you are also learning about the neighborhoods and history of this dynamic city.

What food is Lisbon famous for?

Lisbon is famous for Pastel de Natas (egg cream tarts), as well as Ginja (cherry Liquor), sardines, cod, and traditional Bifana sandwiches (marinated pork).

Is Lisbon good for foodies?

Yes, Libson is a fantastic city for foodies. You’ll find local tascas (inexpensive fast food), as well as Michelin-starred restaurants.

What is the signature dish of Lisbon?

The pastel de nata, or egg custard tard, is the most famous dish in Lisbon. It was created in Belem, and you can visit the Pastéis de Belém to try the most iconic version of this. You’ll find many other shops in town selling these treats. Manteigaria is another famous one, we also like the version at Castro.

When is the best time to take a Lisbon Food Tour?

Lisbon is a wonderful destination year-round. We took our Lisbon food tour during December which means it also included a stop at the Rossio Christmas market! We love Lisbon in the winter when it’s still warm and sunny, but the crowds are low. If you do visit in the summer, bring water and sunscreen.

There You Have It: Top Authentic Lisbon Food Tours

These are the best food tours in Lisbon- all of these tours provide history, a guided tour of famous (and sometimes more hidden) neighborhoods, and a chance to understand Portugal through its food.

From our top pick food and wine tour, to the best food tour without walking, to a brunch food tour, we are confident you’ll love discovering Lisbon through its food and wine.

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