Do you love using short term rental platforms like VRBO or Airbnb?

So we do we! But we are often tired and a bit scattered when we arrive- which makes it easy to forget things.

If you struggle to get your grocery and supply list made quickly, or struggle with the settings on a European washing machine, then this Free Short Term Rental Cheat Sheet is for you!

By the time we figure out the door code, drag our bags inside, and the kids argue about who gets which bed, we are tired and frazzled. Often, we forget to do little things like check to see if dish soap and paper towels are already in the apartment.

With this Free Checklist, you won’t find yourself standing in the store trying to remember if there was extra toilet paper in the bathroom, or if you saw a toaster on the counter…

➡️ What’s Included?

The Short Term Rental Cheat Sheet includes a checklist for when you arrive which includes things to look for in the apartment. It also includes a few recommended packing items that we have found useful over the years. Finally, the second page is a list of handy temperature conversions for adjusting ovens, air conditioners, and even washing machines.