Street food in Siem Reap on a Food Tour including rice balls, yellow pancakes and spring rolls.

7 Best Siem Reap Food Tours in 2024

Siem Reap gets more tourists than anywhere else in Cambodia, and for good reason- it’s home to the famous complex of Angor Temples. When you visit this town, don’t miss out on all the amazing Khmer food here! A Siem Reap food tour will introduce you to both the food and the culture, all in one delicious evening.

We spent a month in Cambodia with our kids who were 6 and 8. We loved learning more about Khmer culture, and can’t wait to return. Siem Reap was actually our last stop in Cambodia, so we had already been exposed to many Khmer dishes, but we still learned a lot from our food tour in Siem Reap.

Food tours are a wonderful and safe way to expose you to all types of tastes and goodies you might not find (or be brave enough to try) on your own. In this post, we’ll cover the best food tours in Siem Reap, what to expect from a food tour in Siem Reap, as well as some traditional Khmer food to look for during your visit.

As a bonus, if you love Khmer food, we’ve included a cooking class where to can learn to cook it yourself!

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Best Food Tour in Siem Reap
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Grab our Top Pick:
Sunset Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

-A food tour is a great way to be introduced to Khmer culture. You’ll learn not only about the food of Cambodia, but the people and their traditions. Your guide is also a great person to ask all sorts of questions about your time in Cambodia.

Our questions often range from “What was happening downtown today?” to “Is this a typical breakfast dish?” to “What is the meat in this dish?” With our kids, the question is often, “Is this spicy?”

-Cambodian food is not as well known as its famous neighbors- Thailand and Vietnam. Many travelers are not aware of the differences and similarities between the cuisines. Don’t miss your chance to explore delicious Khmer food!

-We recommend booking your Siem Reap food tour for the beginning of your visit so that you can look for more of your favorite foods during the rest of your time in Cambodia, and confidently order yourself from street vendors.

Don’t miss our tips below for enjoying your tour including what to expect from a Siem Reap food tour and a list of traditional Khmer foods you may encounter.

Quick Guide: The Best Siem Reap Food Tours


Sunset Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
4 Hour Small Group Tour including
Local Homes and Villages

Woman cooking traditional Khmer food on a grill, street food tour of Siem Reap Cambodia

Ultimate Evening Siem Reap
Food Tour

2 1/2 Hour Evening Tour
Includes 10 Tastings

Noodles and a tea on a morning breakfast food tour of Siem Reap

Siem Reap Morning Food Tour

Morning Market and Walking Tour
Includes Breakfast

The Best Siem Reap Food Tours

These are the best food tours in Siem Reap, Cambodia for every traveler- from those looking for a private experience to families who want to finish early, to those who want to cruise around on a Vespa and share cocktails with other travelers. All of these tours get 5-star reviews and will teach you about both Khmer culture and food.

1. Top Pick: Sunset Siem Reap Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 4 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Includes Village Home   🔎 Check Rates

This is the best, small group, full-length tour. You’ll get away from the city center, to eat at places you would never visit on your own.

This is not a private tour but has a maximum of 12 guests. We actually prefer small group tours over private tours, as it gives us a chance to chat with other travelers, and often pick up travel tips from them. Plus, as a full-time traveling family, we spend a lot of time with each other, so sometimes hanging out with other people is a treat!

We started with some traditional food stops in the city, but then headed out to the villages to see and eat what the people of Cambodia eat. Taking a meal in a locals home was the highlight and our hosts were so gracious and kind.”

-John_P (Read more reviews)

This tour has four sit-down stops, including homemade pickles, BBQ, and curries. You’ll get to try regional specialties that go beyond the Khmer standards like beef Loklak, and fish Amok (though we find those dishes delicious too). Unlimited drinks are included. This is a four-hour tour, so come hungry!

Book Now: Sunset Siem Reap Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

2. Ultimate Evening Siem Reap Food Tour

Woman cooking traditional Khmer food on a grill, street food tour of Siem Reap Cambodia

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 1/2 Hours   ✅ Private Tour, 10 Tastings   🔎 Check Rates

We chose this tour as a family because of its shorter length. We had just done a wonderful 4-hour food tour in Phnom Penh and felt that another long tour (that kept the kids up late) was more than we wanted. We were really happy with our choice, and highly recommend this tour!

This tour had three stops after we were picked up by our guide, Mr Nak in a tuk-tuk. Of course, the stops may vary, but this was our experience, to give you an idea of what to expect from this food tour.

The first stop was for BBQ satay. We had our choice of beef or beef liver, served with pickles and a green papaya slaw, with a side of buttered, toasted baguette. Delicious! (Though since we don’t usually eat a lot of meat, we declined the liver option).

Our second stop was for chive cakes (Nhum Kuchai)- which are big, thick, and full of chives. This was served with pumpkin juice, which the kids absolutely loved.

Waker and Mr Nak with chive cakes in front of them on our Siem Reap Food Tour
Enjoying chive cakes with Mr. Nak

The third stop was at the 60 Road Market, which is close to where the Angkor tickets are sold. Here we had the opportunity to try the famous Khmer bug snacks (we declined). We walked a bit through the market before settling at a stall our guide had selected which did not serve pork (at our request).

Here we tried all sorts of dishes, from taro spring rolls to fish wrapped in banana leaves, to rice balls (the kids love these). We were able to point to interesting things on the grill and try them. We also had Nhum Banchouk, a Cambodian curry soup with noodles.

E waiting to start digging into all the Khmer food in front of her on our Siem Reap Food Tour
E is ready to dig into all the Kmher food!

One of the highlights for us was watching our guide eat a Balut, a fertilized duck egg. This is a delicacy in Cambodia, one that we weren’t up for trying ourselves! The eggs are cooked at 20 days gestation (of 28 days), so the embryo has no bones or feathers, but has a discernable shape. Mr Nuk was such a good sport to demonstrate for us how to eat this, and what it looked like inside.

We finished the evening with a stop at a dessert stand, where we had sticky rice with sesame and coconut, and some egg yolk sweets. Overall we had a wonderful experience- our guide was so easy to talk with and was great with the kids. We never felt any pressure to try something that didn’t appeal to us. We were able to ask lots of questions and try some Khmer food we hadn’t tasted yet.

The range of food tastings and quantities were perfect, I left the tour with a full stomach and great memories. I highly recommend this tour!

Venture68199 (Read more reviews)

This is a private tour, so you can personalize it as you like, just let them know ahead of time what your wishes or restrictions are- this is especially helpful if you have dietary restrictions or just picky kids. We loved this tour, it was just the right length after a long day of touring around Siem Reap.

Book Now: Ultimate Evening Siem Reap Food Tour

3. Siem Reap Morning Food Tour

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Breakfast and City Tour  🔎 Check Rates

This morning food tour starts at 9 a.m. at a market where you’ll have breakfast and learn about Khmer cooking ingredients. You’ll see some of Siem Reap and learn about Khmer culture in between stops for additional breakfasts, including some surprises at the end!

We had a great tour with Mr Kimleng, who showed us around the market, took us to some great places to eat and told us so many things about Cambodian culture, the way of life in Siem Reap and of course their food.

Reviewer (Read more reviews)

This morning tour is great for families who prefer an early start and is more adaptable to vegans and vegetarians than many of the night tours. We also love having the “scheduled” part of the day happen early, so we can be more flexible with our time later in the day.

This tour is run by Urban Forage, we used this tour company for our food tour of Phnom Penh, so we know just how good they are! We would happily join any tour that they run and highly recommend them.

Book Now: Siem Reap Morning Food Tour

4. Siem Reap Vespa Food Tour

Two trays of edible bucks in a market in Siem Reap on a food tour

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ Up to 5 Hours   ✅ Small Group, Travel by Vespa   🔎 Check Rates

This tour leaves the tuk-tuks behind and takes you whizzing around the city by Vespa! You’ll start with a welcome drink at a bar, then explore a local market where you can try local specialties. There are some games you can try at the local market if you like, this tour has a very laid-back vibe and is a great way to meet other travelers.

You’ll try all sorts of foods, from crispy yellow pancakes (Num Banh Chao) to fried spring rolls, rice balls, and Khmer BBQ. You’ll end the night at another bar, though unlimited drinks are provided throughout the tour.

[Our Guide] spent the night talking to us not just about the food we were eating but also about Cambodian culture, politics and geopolitics. What an amazing night. We got off the tourist trail and had authentic food among locals and had really good conversation all night.

Yasmine_Y (Read more reviews)

This tour has a maximum of 8 travelers, you’ll sit behind an experienced driver, and of course, helmets (and rain gear if needed) are provided. Kids are welcome on this tour, but they should be at least 10 to feel comfortable on the Vespa and not slow down the group.

Book Now: Siem Reap Vespa Food Tour

5. Siem Reap Food Tour by Locals

Cambodian pancake and rice balls on a Siem Reap Food Tour by Locaks

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 4 Hours   ✅ By Locals, Off Beaten Pack   🔎 Check Rates

This Khmer food tour is run by Kingdom of Wonderlust, who are Cambodian locals. This tour gets very high ratings from travelers, you can be assured that you are experiencing authentic Cambodian food. On this 4-hour tour, you’ll make five different stops to taste everything from Sang Vak (fish cooked in banana leaves) to Num Banh Chao (rice pancakes with shrimp and pork).

You’ll sample handmade noodles, fried cakes, and sticky rice, all with explanations of what the ingredients are and how they fit into Khmer cuisine.

A wonderful experience away from the usual tourist trail and enjoy some fabulous food. Our guide was knowledgeable and helpful.

jackiestephenh (Read more reviews)

This tour prides itself on taking you off the beaten path to try Khmer specialties in places you won’t find on your own. This tour has a maximum of 10 travelers.

Book Now: Siem Reap Food Tour by Locals

6. Siem Reap Street Food Tour

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 1/2 Hours   ✅ Small Group, A/C Transport  🔎 Check Rates

This street food tour is one of the shorter food tours, at 2 1/2 hours. It gets flawless reviews for providing a lot of tastes in a short time. This tour also moves you around via an air-conditioned vehicle, which may be better for older travelers, or those more sensitive to the heat.

They gave us the true local experience and we tried foods we never would have known to order. We left full, satisfied, and wanting to do it again. Would recommend this tour to anyone!

Sarah_C (Read more reviews)

On this tour, you’ll try Lort Cha (stir-fried pin noodles), curry with noodles, fresh spring rolls, crispy rice pancakes, and more. You’ll also visit a market where you can try fried bugs like fried crickets or fried grasshoppers if you wish.

This tour is limited to ten travelers and includes hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Book Now: Siem Reap Street Food Tour

7. Siem Reap Private Street Food Tour

Balut and grilled eggs at a market in Siem Reap Cambodia

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Private Tour, 10 Tastings   🔎 Check Rates

This tour is run by the “with locals” group, where various local tour guides are available to run the tour. Many travelers report having a fabulous time with tour guide Long, so we recommend requesting him if you book this tour!

This is a 3-hour private tour, that includes at least 10 tastings. All food and drink is included, and because it is private, it can be customized to any dietary requests.

“Our family of 5 with 3 teens had an awesome food tour experience of Siem Reap. Our tour guide “Long” and tuk-tuk drivers were so friendly and welcoming and made sure we were really well looked after. The food venues and food selection was amazing. We loved every dish on the tour and Long taught us so much about Cambodian cuisine. We would highly recommend this tour, it’s a “must-do” when in Siem Reap.”

Yek_P (Read more reviews)

On this tour, you’ll visit Psar Chaa, the Old Market. You’ll have the chance to try some curried fish, noodles, spring rolls, and more, including some local tropical fruits. You’ll end the tour with a local coffee and a sweet cake.

Book Now: Siem Reap Private Street Food Tour

If you love coffee, check out our list of the best coffee cafes in Siem Reap. They are perfect for an early coffee or a later afternoon latte.

Bonus Pick: Siem Reap Cooking Class

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Market Tour, 3 Dishes   🔎 Check Rates

If you are intrigued by Khmer cuisine, consider taking a Khmer cooking class! This class starts with a menu- choose three dishes you’d like to make, and then you are off to the market to select your ingredients. You’ll then pick fresh herbs from the garden surrounding the kitchen to add to your dish.

We first went to the local market and got to see all the fresh ingredients that we were going to use to cook, which was really fun. But the best part was definitely the cooking, very fun and enjoyable… and VERY delicious.

isabella_P (Read more reviews)

Choose from Khmer specialties like fish amok, Cambodian curry, spring rolls, or green mango salad. This class is limited to 8 students at a time. You’ll cook the dishes you select, and then enjoy eating them at the end. Pick-up from your local hotel is included.

Book Now: Siem Reap Cooking Class

Tips for Enjoying Siem Reap Food Tours

Knowing what to expect from an experience makes all the difference, so here are our best tips for enjoying your Siem Reap food tour, including what to expect and what to avoid when booking a Khmer food tour.

-Many Siem Reap food tours take place in the evening, to avoid the heat of the day. These evening food tours can go late into the night and can be a fun way to socialize with other travelers. We’ve also included a few tours that include markets in the early morning before the heat sets in.

-The better tours will take you to places you probably wouldn’t find on your own, and answer all your questions about Cambodia and Khmer culture. They can adapt the tour to your interests and diet.

-Cambodian food is rather meat and seafood-heavy. Tour guides will try to accommodate vegetarians and others as best they can. This is best described as a “temple diet” to Cambodians, rather than as simply “no meat”.

Our tour guide was able to choose a street stall that didn’t use pork to accommodate us, which we appreciated. Make sure to let your tour guide know ahead of time of any preferences or restrictions.

-Cambodian food is generally not spicy (compared to Thai or even Vietnamese). The spice is usually provided on the side, and you add as much as you would like. This makes it really easy for kids to try new dishes without being afraid of the spice level.

-Cambodians routinely eat bugs as snacks, as well as other items that most Westerners are not used to eating. Many Siem Reap food tours will include the chance for you to try some of these items, but there is no pressure to eat them, and you won’t be missing a large part of the experience if you choose not to.

-Some tours incorporate or end at large tourist centers. Many Siem Reap food tours include the Made in Cambodia Market, which we highly recommend visiting (it’s one of the best things to do in Siem Reap), but it’s not necessary to visit with a guide. The same goes for Long’s Bar- worth a visit on your own, but you don’t need to be guided there.

-Most Siem Reap food tours use either tuk tuks or vespas to move between restaurants and street food stalls, so there is not a lot of walking involved. That makes these tours a great way for all ages and abilities to participate. We love using tuk tuks for tours, we’ve also used them in Phnom Penh and even Lisbon!

-We took our kids (ages 6 and 8) on a Siem Reap food tour and highly recommend them to families! Often our kids didn’t eat a whole portion of most of the foods, but tasted things and learned a lot. Many tours include unlimited beer and water, as well as non-alcoholic options like sugar cane juice.

What Are Some Traditional Khmer Foods?

Here are some traditional Khmer foods that you may encounter on your Siem Reap food tour:

Fish Amok

Fish Amok is the national dish of Cambodia. It is fish that has been steamed in banana leaves until it has a custardy consistency, then mixed with curry that has flavors of lemongrass, kaffir, galangal, and garlic. It does not have a “fishy” taste. You can also find delicious vegetarian versions, though these are less traditional.

Beef Lok Lak

This is essentially the Cambodian equivalent of beef tips. Tender pieces of beef are stir-fried with tomatoes, onions, and spices, then served with rice and often a fried egg.

Num Banh Chao

This is a crispy yellow pancake that is wide and thin, which is then folded over ground pork and shrimp into a half-moon shape. You eat it by tearing off pieces of the pancake with your hands and adding fresh herbs and vegetables. The pancake is made from rice flour and coconut milk.

Num Banh Chok

These are sometimes called “Khmer Noodles”, you will be served a bowl of cold noodles with a yellowish powdered fish curry on top. The curry is made from fish, lemongrass, kaffir lime, and turmeric. You stir in the curry and then add fresh herbs and greens to taste.

Sang Vak

This is fish that is mashed up and then grilled in a banana leaf. You then open up the banana leaves to eat the small square of fish that is inside.

Fried Crickets, Grasshoppers and Tarantulas

You’ll often see fried bugs in Cambodian markets, and even at rest stops when on a long bus journey. The bugs are dipped in a batter and fried. Cambodians see this as an easy, satisfying snack.

Bugs are also sometimes added to main dishes. In Phnom Pehn we had a beef dish that included stir-fried red tree ants, called Ongkrong Saek Koo. The ants are supposed to add a taste similar to lime, they were a bit crunchy!

FAQ: Siem Reap Food Tours

Is Street Food in Siem Reap Safe to Eat?

Yes, the street food in Siem Reap is safe to eat. A guided tour ensures that you are eating at clean stalls, which have a good reputation. If you are eating on your own, look for food stalls that have a line, so you know that the food is fresh and has not been sitting out.

Is Cambodian Food Spicy?

No, Cambodian food is not spicy. Spice is always provided so that you add as much spice as you like, but it is not part of the initial dish.

Is Cambodian food similar to Thai?

Cambodian food shares some similarities to Thai food, and to Vietnamese food, but has its own specialties, regional flavors, and unique dishes. Cambodians use a lot of fish in their dishes, as well as a lot of rice.

What is unique about Cambodian food?

Cambodian food is not inherently spicy, though they do use a lot of curry paste. Cambodian food uses a lot of lemon grass, kaffir, and garlic. They use a lot of fish, sometimes ground up, sometimes in chunks or whole. Rice is served in a lot of dishes including rice porridge for breakfast. Keep your eye out for locally grown cashews as well!

What is the most famous food in Siem Reap?

Fish Amok is the national dish of Cambodia, though most locals only eat it for special occasions. Fish Amok is made with fish, curry, and coconut milk, and is served with rice.

Is it Safe to Travel in Cambodia?

We never felt unsafe in Cambodia, though we take normal precautions as we would in any country. If you are traveling with kids, you will find that Cambodians love children, and will smile at them and even offer small gifts.

To prepare for family travel, we suggest you review our top family safety tips, these will prevent many scary or uncomfortable moments.

There You Have it: Best Siem Reap Food Tours

These are the best Siem Reap food tours to introduce you to the wonderful flavors of Khmer food. Cambodian food is heavy on fish, and lemongrass, if you love those flavors, you’re going to love this cuisine.

Whether you opt for the 4-hour Sunset Food Tour by Tuk Tuk, or the 2 1/2 hour Evening Siem Reap Food Tour that our family enjoyed, you’ll learn so much about the food and culture of Cambodia, and be able to seek out your favorite dishes during the rest of your visit.

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