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34 Best Travel Gifts for Kids in 2024

We’ve compiled some of the best travel gifts for kids including things that kids who travel will need (and love). We’ve also found fun gifts to inspire travel and curiosity about the world, from travel-themed books to puzzles and geography games.

We’ve been a full-time traveling family for more than two years, so we know a thing or two about what gifts for kids who travel! These travel-themed gifts are for kids from toddlers to teens, including some travel-themed board games the whole family will enjoy playing together.

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At the bottom of this post, download a free game of Would You Rather: World Edition to play on your next family trip!

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Best Travel Gifts for Kids: to Teach Geography and Inspire Wanderlust

These are great travel and world-themed gifts to inspire curiosity, wanderlust, and learning in kids!

1. World Map Colorable Tablecloth

This world map tablecloth comes with ten washable markers. You can color in the world over and over again.

world map colorable tablecloth by eatsleepdoodle

Mark your past trips, color in your bucket list, doodle away, whatever you feel like. What a great project to do with the whole family!

This is a really cool activity the whole family can do together. We love these sorts of projects when grandparents and other relatives come over. It’s great to have a fun activity that appeals to all ages and gives our kids a chance to share some of their travel memories as they color.

We also love that the 7 New Wonders of the World are marked on this map!
You can also get this map in a color-in drawstring backpack style. This works best for kids who want their own project, and avoids arguments over who gets to color what!

This tablecloth also comes in a United States Map version (states are labeled), which would be great for families to color in as they visit each state, or to track a road trip.

world map color in tablecloth with washable markers full

Buy Now: World Map Colorable Tablecloth

2. Lego Duplo Town Airplane & Airport

This Airplane and Airport from Lego Duplo is a great way to get little kids excited about traveling.

lego duplo airport set

Perfect for 2-4-year-olds, you can explain all about what happens with you get on a plane.

This is one of the best travel gifts for toddlers! You can even take some of the chunky pieces with you on a plane to keep them entertained on long flights.

Buy Now: Lego Duplo Town Airplane & Airport

3. LEGO Classic Around the World

This Around the World Lego Build set comes with 950 pieces and instructions for 15 iconic animals and objects from around the world.

lego classic around the world

It also includes a wall map of the world and lots of colorful extra pieces to create your own masterpieces. Perfect for kids 4 and up.

We carry a ziplock full of LEGOs with us- the girls love to build and play, wherever we are.

Buy Now: Lego Classic Around the World

4. Little Passports Subscription

Little Passports Best Travel Gifts for Kids

Little Passports subscriptions are a great way to introduce kids to different cultures! E(4) used to get the Early Explorers edition, which focuses on a different theme each month, from space to animals. S(7) loved her World Edition (ages 6-10), which focuses on a different country each month.

Kitchen Adventures by Little Passports, new for 2022

These are a great way to spread out the holiday fun all year long. They have expanded their range a lot to include sets from ages 3 to 10. They have some really cool Science options including Science Junior (ages 5-8), and Science Expeditions (ages 8+).

Buy Now: Little Passports Subscription

5. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids magazine is a great way for kids to learn about the world from the comfort of their own room.

From animals to cities and culture, a subscription to this magazine is a wonderful way to get kids excited about making positive changes in the world. Best for ages 8+.

Buy Now: National Geographic Kids

6. LEGO Architecture London Skyline

The London Skyline set from Lego Architecture is part of a whole series of cityscapes from around the world.

lego architecture london skyline

This is a wonderful way to introduce kids of all ages to famous landmarks and iconic buildings.

Buy Now: Lego Architecture London Skyline

7. LEGO LED Lights

For added fun and effect, check out this cool LED Light add-on Set for the London Skyline. This is not created by Lego but it is designed specifically for this set to light up.

Buy Now: LEGO LED Lights

Best Travel Gifts for Kids: Gear

These are great, lightweight, easy-to-pack items for kids who travel a lot, are full-time travelers, or just love to travel! These are the best travel gifts for kids who travel, from toddlers to teens!

8. Toddler Backpack with Harness

For the littlest traveler, this toddler backpack holds their personal treasures and means mom or dad can hold on to them in busy places. The provided harness can be clipped on or off.

skip hop toddler backpack with leash

Great for clipping to a stroller if you need to keep track of two little ones at once! Choose between several different adorable animal characters. Skip Hop is a brand we’ve used many times for our kids and they always have great quality.

A great travel gift for toddlers that will help keep them safe.

Buy Now: Toddler Backpack with Harness

9. Kids’ 18 Liter Backpack

This Kids’ Backpack from REI is one of our family favorites. The Tarn 18 liter is a great durable backpack with plenty of room for adventure with lots of pockets, including mounting for a hydration reservoir (not included), and a great stash pocket for a rain jacket or sweatshirt.

Rated for ages 8-12, but our four-year-old wore hers comfortably with plenty of room to grow. She is now six and the backpack is still in great shape.

Child boarding a plane wearing her blue REI Tarn 18 backpack, a great travel gift for kids
E with her REI Tarn 18L backpack getting on the plane in Puno, Peru.

Buy Now: Kids’ 18 Liter Backpack

10. Kids’ Wireless Headphones

These Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from JLab are our top choice in kid’s headphones. They include volume limiting so you know they are safe for young ears. With 35+ hours of wireless playtime, they come with a USB cable for recharging.

jbuddies pro wireless headphones

For longer trips, there is an included standard 3.5mm headphone cable and share port, so two kids can watch the same show and not disturb you.

We have tried a lot of headphones and these are our favorite for travel. See our full review of the best kids headphones. Our kids have been using these for two years straight, and they are just starting to show wear. Highly recommend.

two girl sharing headphones and watching a show on an ipad while traveling.
E and S watching a show with JBuddy Pro Headphones in Seattle on a road trip.

Buy Now: Kids’ Wireless Headphones

11. Kids’ Funky Polarized Sunglasses

Our kids love their Knockaround Polarized Sunglasses, and for the price, we love them too!

With so many fun colors and designs to choose from, each of our kids got to pick out their own pair.

Knockaround affordable sunglasses for adults or kids, great kids travel gifts

With full UV400 sun protection, we feel good about their eyes being protected but also know it is not the end of the world if they break them.

Two girls wearing colorful sunglasses looking up at the sky in Mexico
E and S watching a performance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Wearing Knockaround Glasses

Buy Now: Kids’ Polarized Sunglasses

12. Kids’ Watch & Fitness Tracker

This Fitness Tracker and Watch for kids 5-12 is great for travel. Small and lightweight, this easy-to-read watch also tracks their steps, distance traveled, and calories burned by tapping the watch display or on the free phone app.

kids fitness tracker

Each set comes with two color band options and lasts a week on a two-hour charge with a USB port.

Buy Now: Kids’ Watch & Fitness Tracker

13. Kids’ Flashlight

The Dorcy 55 Lumen Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight is great for kids. Its rugged design will stand up to even the toughest abuse and will last over eight hours with the included 3 AA batteries.

kids led flashlight

With colors kids will love, it is sure to be a favorite, whether camping in the wilderness, in the backyard, traveling, or in their bedroom.

Buy Now: Kids’ Flashlight

14. Kids’ LED Headlamp

Kids love gearing up for an adventure! Our kids love using these, whether it is when exploring the caves at Craters of the Moon or the fort under the kitchen table. These headlamps are also great for bathroom trips when camping. They make every kid feel like an explorer.

Girls proudly display their headlamps at Craters of the Moon National Park

This LED headlamp comes in a choice of fun colors, and at 2.2 oz, is lightweight for small heads. It has seven different light modes and is waterproof.

kids led headlamp

Buy Now: Kids’ LED Headlamp

15. Kids Starter Digital Camera

A digital camera is a great way for kids to process what they are seeing when they travel, make their own souvenirs, and start to learn the basic principles of photography.

kids digital camera

This 36-megapixel camera is a great starter camera- it’s easy to operate, comes in fun colors, and won’t break the bank if they drop it into the creek on a family hike.

Buy Now: Kids Starter Digital Camera

Best Puzzles and Travel-Themed Games for Kids

These jigsaw puzzles and travel-themed board games are educational and inspirational, and a great way for families to spend time together. We love pulling out a puzzle that we can all work on, or figuring out a new board game we can play together as a family.

For more on-the-go entertainment options, check out our full list of road trip activities to keep kids entertained on long car rides, planes and more.

16. Map of the World Puzzle

This Map of the World Puzzle is 78 pieces- perfect for kids ages 4-8 to do on their own. Includes continent labels, landmarks, and animals around the world.

kids world map puzzle

Made by Mudpuppy, who always makes high-quality kids’ puzzles and games.

Buy Now: Map of the World Puzzle

17. GeoPuzzles Jigsaw Puzzles

Geopuzzles are a puzzle of a certain geographic area, such as Europe or Asia. Each puzzle piece is the shape of a country! These are fun, colorful ways for kids to learn geography.

geopuzzle europe puzzle

Buy Now: GeoPuzzles Jigsaw Puzzles

For puzzles with higher piece counts, don’t miss our list of family travel gifts!

18. Wild Kratts Board Game

Our girls love the Wild Kratts on PBS Kids! In this Race Around the World board game, players race to collect creature power suit cards while learning about animals and habitats.

wild kratts board game

For 2-4 players, best for ages 5+. Add your own rules to make it more complicated.

Buy Now: Wild Kratts Board Game

19. Continent Race Board Game

Continent Race is a trivia board game, where you try to collect cards from countries on each continent. This game won Creative Child Awards 2020 Game of the Year.

continent race board game

Best for ages 7 and up, with a focus on matching cards while learning geography. There are different levels of difficulty so you can adjust it easily to fit your family.

Buy Now: Continent Race Board Game

20. Passport to Culture: Travel Edition

Passport to Culture is a game where you gather magnetic stamps in your passport while answering questions about various countries and cultures. Best for older kids and adults. A great family game!

passport to culture game travel edition

Buy Now: Passport to Culture: Travel Edition

Best Travel Books for Kids

These books teach kids about other cultures or inspire kids to learn about the world. Books make fantastic gifts that kids can go back to over and over again. These are the best travel books for kids from toddlers to teens that our family loves!

21. Bookstore Gift Card

Not sure which book to buy? How about a gift card to is an online bookstore that helps to financially support local, independent bookstores. You can choose a specific local bookstore to support, or your order will be distributed evenly among all the locally run stores that supports.

Buy Now: Bookstore Gift Card

22. Little Park Ranger Board Book Series

This series of board books for the littlest travelers includes books organized by plants, animals, water, and land. From Carlsbad Caverns to Arches National Park, this introduces young kids to some of the natural wonders of the United States.

little park ranger board book series

There is not a lot of text in these books, so the focus is really on the images. They also have a Little Traveler Series that covers food, vehicles, landmarks, and animals around the world. The biggest complaint about these books is that they are too short!

A great travel-themed gift for toddlers to get them curious about the National Parks!

Buy Now: Little Park Ranger Board Book Series

23. Atlas of Adventures: World Wonders

We spotted this gem in the bookshop while visiting the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. This book of World Wonders is one of several in the Atlas of Adventures Series, with beautiful illustrations and thick glossy pages, you won’t want to put this book down.

atlas of adventure wonders of the world

We had seen five of the seven New Wonders of the World when we were looking through this book as a family and our kids loved seeing all the places they have been and being reminded of how much fun they had.

Buy Now: Atlas of Adventures: World Wonders

24. The “Good Night World” Series

We love this bedtime board book series by Adam Gamble! We were given Good Night California when S was born, and soon added Good Night New York City to our bookshelves.

goodnight world series board books

Whether you choose your home state or city, or where Grandma lives, with over 100 titles this book series is sure to engage little minds.

Buy Now: The “Good Night World” Series

25. Babies Around the World Dancing

Babies Around the World Dancing is a board book that shows babies dancing together all around the world. Including China, Brazil, South Africa, and more. An adorable introduction to cultures around the world.

babies around the world dancing board book

Buy Now: Babies Around the World Dancing

26. Where Would Santa Go?

In Where Would Santa Go? two kids travel with Santa (the world’s greatest traveler) from Germany to Tanzania, Antarctica, and more, learning as they go.

where would santa go kids book

A fun, festive picture book for kids to learn about different places around the world.

Buy Now: Where Would Santa Go?

27. Celebrations Around the World

Celebrations Around the World is full of colorful illustrations of celebrations around the world, from Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to the Hindu festival of Holi.

celebrations around the world book

This picture book is a wonderful way to introduce children to different cultural traditions around the world.

Buy Now: Celebrations Around the World

28. Father Christmas Goes on Holiday

Father Christmas Goes on Holiday was one of my favorite picture books as a child. My mother would bring it out around the holidays and this might have been the book that first inspired me to travel.

father christmas goes on holiday book

Where does Father Christmas go when he is not working? In this book, he tries out Scotland, Italy, France, and the US.

Buy Now: Father Christmas Goes on Holiday

29. The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

The Travel Book by Lonely Planet is a fantastic way for kids to learn fun facts about countries around the world!

the travel book kids lonely planet book

Arranged by continent, this book covers every country in the world, as well as some not officially recognized as countries.

An updated edition was released in December 2021, so you know it’s accurate. Best for ages 9+.

Buy Now: The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

30. Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t

I love the concept of this Encyclopedia for kids! Kids tend to think adults have all the answers- this book compiles cool facts about the world, including highlighting things we still don’t know! Best for kids ages 6-10.

kids encyclopedia book

Buy Now: Kids’ Encyclopedia

31. Fairy Tales for Fearless Girls

Fairy Tales for Fearless Girls features fairytales from all over the world that showcase strong, empowered heroines. Includes fairy tales from Greece, Argentina, Niger, China, and more.

fairy tales for fearless girls book

Buy Now: Fairy Tales for Fearless Girls

32. If You Lived Here: Houses of the World

If You Lived Here illustrates some of the different houses people live in around the world- from caves to floating houses to yurts. Santa may just be bringing this book to us this year.

if you lived here houses of the world book

Buy Now: If You Lived Here, Houses of the World

33. Wondrous Women Who Changed the World

We found this hardcover book in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. Our girls love reading about Frida Kahlo and they also love the paper cut-outs of the different women in history that you can use to act out with or display. This should be on every child’s reading list.

wonderous women who changed the world book

Buy Now: Wondrous Women Who Changed the World

34. A Year Full of Stories

A Year Full of Stories: 52 Classic Stories from Around the World charts the changing of the seasons with stories about different traditions and holidays around the world.

Each chapter represents a month of the year. Includes various perspectives including stories from Iroquois, Arabic, and Buddhist traditions. Illustrated by Christopher Corr, this is a beautiful book to read aloud all year long!

a year full of stories book

Buy Now: A Year Full of Stories

There You Have It: The Best Kids Travel Gifts

These are some of the best travel gifts for kids that we’re excited to give (and get!) this year. There are great gifts for kids who travel all the time, and who look forward to their next trip. From practical gear to fun games and puzzles, you’ll find something to inspire every little traveler on your list.

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