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Here you’ll find all our best family travel tips, honest advice, and essential lists from the best road trip snacks to what gear you’ll need on a long road trip.

Quick Tips for Traveling with Kids

1. Allow Extra Time. With kids, things often take longer than you expect. A simple bathroom break in our family can take twenty minutes. Allowing extra time also means you can pause and enjoy anything unexpected that catches the kid’s attention, like musicians on the street.

2. Be Flexible. Having a plan is important, but so is being ready to adjust that plan as needed. You may find the kids just aren’t interested in the museum you planned, or everyone’s tired of walking and needs an ice cream break. Be ready to gracefully adjust as the day unfolds.

3. Carry Snacks. Nothing heads off a major meltdown faster than a snack. If you get stuck on a stalled subway, or a plane sitting on the tarmac, or the restaurant you were planning to go to is unexpectedly closed, snacks will save the day.

Family Year Out

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Family Travel Gear

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