Best stocking stuffers for travelers

31 Best Travel Stocking Stuffers: 2023

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the best travel stocking stuffers from little add-ons to the things they’ll be thrilled to receive. When you are traveling a lot, small, lightweight things get top priority.

We’ve been full-time traveling for over two years now. These are some of the things we are so grateful to have, and a few that are on our own wishlist as well! These are stocking stuffers for travelers that they will love (and use a lot)! From AirTags to great hiking socks, there’s something here for every traveler in the family.

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Best Travel Stocking Stuffers: Travel Gear

1. Passport Wallet / Travel Document Holder

The Zero Grid Passport Wallet / Travel Document Holder is great for organizing your passport, credit cards, cash, and travel documents.

The slim zippered closure is made of water-resistant nylon and RFID blocking to protect you from identity theft. The wallet includes a pen for customs forms. Perfect for keeping one person’s documents together.

Buy Now: Zero Grid Passport Wallet / Travel Document Holder

2. Single Passport and Card Holder

The Yixxi Passport and Card Holder is a stylish choice for the individual traveler. The faux leather case comes in several colors, is RFID blocking, waterproof, and easy to clean.

With access to credit cards, travel documents, and a clear plastic window to hold your vaccine card, this thin passport holder keeps all your important travel documents organized.

This is a great way to color-code your family’s documents if you prefer to organize them separately.

Buy Now: Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

3. Kids’ Watch & Fitness Tracker

This Fitness Tracker and Watch for kids 5-12 is great for travel. Small and lightweight, this easy-to-read watch also tracks their steps, distance traveled, and calories burned by tapping the watch display or on the free phone app.

Each set comes with two color band options and lasts a week on a two-hour charge with a USB port.

Buy Now: Kids’ Watch & Fitness Tracker

4. UV Water Purifier

This UV Water Purifier will treat a liter of water in 90 seconds and kill 99.9% of bacteria that can make you sick.

The LED display is easy to read and user-friendly. This eliminates tons of one-use plastic water bottles when you are traveling- great for the environment, and great for your pocketbook!

This water purifier is also perfect for camping where you may not have access to clean water, this comes with an easily packable pouch and is a great gift for any traveler.

Buy Now: UV Water Purifier

5. Luggage Tags for Kids

These Finex Cartoon Characters Silicone Travel Luggage Tags come in a set of 4.

Terrific stocking stuffers for little travelers, there are lots of options from Star Wars to Peanuts, Disney Princesses, or My Little Pony.

Buy Now: Characters Silicone Travel Luggage Tags

6. TSA-approved Travel Locks

This set of two brightly colored TSA-approved travel locks are one more way to make your bag stand out from the crowd- while keeping its contents safe.

We love the 4-digit combination, plus the addition of a steel cable- perfect for securing your bag if you need to leave it in a train compartment while you head to the dining car.

Buy Now: TSA-approved Travel Locks

7. Apple AirTags

AirTags are small GPS trackers that fit inside backpacks, pockets, or anywhere else you want to stash them. The battery in each one lasts about a year.

We keep them inside all of our travel bags. If the kids wander off, we can track them via the backpack they are carrying.

For younger kids, consider a bracelet or necklace so the AirTag is actually on their person. You can also clip it to their clothing.

We also recommend putting them deep inside any checked luggage- you’ll have a much better chance of locating your luggage if the airline loses it!

Buy Now: Apple AirTags

8. AirTags Protective Case and Keychain

These silicone cases in bright colors protect your AirTags. They come with a keychain so you can easily attach your AirTag to a backpack, inside your luggage, on a pet’s collar, or anywhere else you can think of.

S's backpack open to show the AirTag in a colorful silicone cover, clipped to the bag.

We like to use AirTags to track our luggage, whether it’s in our checked bags, or the backpacks the kids carry around.

A great stocking stuffer for travelers from the business executive to the backpacker!

Buy Now: AirTags Protective Case

9. Digital Portable Luggage Scale

When checking bags, make sure you don’t get charged overweight fees! This digital portable luggage scale fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just under 4 ounces.

With an accuracy of up to 0.1lb / 50g and a max of 110lb / 50kg, it also has a temperature sensor and includes batteries. A must-have for every traveler, it also comes in fun colors!

Buy Now: Digital Portable Luggage Scale

10. Travel Cord Organizer

This lightweight cord organizer helps to keep all your cords organized while you travel – from phone chargers to HDMI cables. Includes zip pockets and elastics to hold plugs. Available in several colors, with enough space to organize the whole family.

Buy Now: Travel Cord Organizer Roll

11. Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

This bamboo cutlery set is lightweight and environmentally friendly. We love to carry this with us for when we need to split a donut or other treat into four (very equal) pieces.

Comes with a fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straw, and cleaning brush. Won’t set off the metal detector at airport security like metal sets.

Buy Now: Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

12. Moji Camp Light

The Moji R+ Lantern, has a rechargeable battery via USB cable. We use this as a nightlight that can easily be recharged and then thrown back into our suitcase.

Small camp lantern shown next to a US passport for size comparison

is a great light to hang in your cabin, bunk, tent, or take to the bathroom (hello Yosemite cabins). With one push on and hold to dim, these lights are bright, small, and come in several colors.

As you can see, this lantern is smaller than the shortest dimension of my passport. It is so easy to carry, has a hook to hang in a tent, and puts out a really strong light which is easily dimmable.

Buy Now: Moji R+ Camp Light

Best Travel Stocking Stuffers: Personal Accessories

13. Earbud Headphones

I got these Between Pro earbud headphones by Status Audio for Cynthia as she was always getting her old-school Apple wired earbud headphones caught on something. She was skeptical at first, but with three different-sized soft silicone in-ear attachments, she quickly found a perfect fit.

These earbuds get great reviews and they also have a great battery life of 12 hours of continuous playback plus 36 hours (3 x 12 hours) more when recharging with the case. You can pair them with more than one device, but most importantly, they have great sound.

These do not have noise canceling, so if that is important to you, check out the Between 3ANC with 8 hours of active noise canceling playback and 12 hours of continuous playback with ANC off.

Buy Now: Earbud Headphones

14. Knockaround Sunglasses

Knockaround Sunglasses, travel stocking stuffer

With lots of fun styles and colors, you cannot go wrong with these great polarized sunglasses ranging in price from $20 – $35. Get free shipping on orders over $40, you can check off several people on your list, or get one for yourself as well!

We like the Sport styles with their rubberized nose pads for a sure and comfortable fit. I have the Premium Sports in Rubberized Navy/Mint.

Buy Now: Knockaround Sunglasses

Two girls wearing colorful sunglasses looking up at the sky in Mexico

All four of us wore Knockaround sunglasses hiking around many US national parks on our Epic Cross-Country Trip. Here are the girls wearing them in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

15. Phone Wallet Case

When traveling, I like to carry my ID and a credit card with my phone so I am not trying to keep track of as many things. The Wallet Slayer Vol.1 from Smartish is perfect.

It holds up to three cards and cash, protects your phone, comes in cool colors and there is one for just about any iPhone and some Galaxy phones as well.

Ok, use with caution in some locations, it’s no fun to get your credit cards stolen at the same time as your phone… but in certain locations, it’s very handy.

Buy Now: Phone Wallet Case

16. Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Darn Tough socks, great camping stocking stuffer

Family-owned and operated, Darn Tough is based in Vermont and makes socks that are guaranteed for life.

Waker wearing his Darn Tough Socks, with his feel on the coffee table

With styles for all activities and ever-changing designs, these merino wool socks are great for all seasons and any adventure.

Cynthia has their Women’s Run Quarter Ultra-Lightweight Running Socks in Baltic, Waker has their Mid-weight Hiking Sock in Forest.

Buy Now: Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Best Travel Stocking Stuffers: Just for Fun

17. Spot It! Card Game

Spot It! is a fun card game for all ages and comes in a small round tin that is great to take on the road or around the world.

With lots of different ways to play, this game of matching symbols is easy to learn for all ages and is good for two to eight players.

Buy Now: Spot It! Card Game

18. Challenges Accepted Travel Card Deck

The Travel Challenges deck of cards for adults challenges you to get out of your comfort zone when traveling.

Each card contains a direction to change the course of your day- from things like “order the cheapest thing on the menu”, to “have a no technology day”. Perfect for experienced travelers who are looking to mix up their routine on the road.

Buy Now: Travel Challenges Card Deck

19. National Park Playing Cards

Playing cards make a great stocking stuffer, choose a pack that showcases their favorite National Park! We love playing cards together, everything from Go Fish to Rummy and Crazy 8s.

After our road trip through the American Northwest, we are partial to the Glacier National Park cards or Yellowstone playing cards.

See if your favorite park is part of the playing card collection!

Buy Now: National Park Playing Cards

20. Campfire Storytelling Cards

This deck of storytelling cards is designed to help you tell fun, quirky campfire stories on your next family adventure!

With interesting prompts, you’ll find yourself weaving tall tales as you roast marshmallows! A perfect, portable gift for road-tripping families or families who camp! Great for all ages, a perfect stocking stuffer for campers.

Buy Now: Campfire Storytelling Cards

21. Globe Ornaments

Paper Globes– You can either mark these globes with the details of a different trip each year or label them for each family member. Set of 4.

22. Passport Ornament

Passport Ornament– a perfect way to memorialize a first or special trip overseas. Glittery, with a boarding pass tucked inside. They also have a cute traveling suitcase ornament!

23. Little Passports Subscription

Little Passports Best Travel Gifts for Kids

Little Passports subscriptions are a great way to introduce kids to different cultures! E(4) used to get the Early Explorers edition, which focuses on a different theme each month, from space to animals.

S(7) loved her World Edition (ages 6-10), which focuses on a different country each month.

Kitchen Adventures by Little Passports, new for 2022

These are a great way to spread out the holiday fun all year long. They have expanded their range a lot to include sets from ages 3 to 10.

They have some really cool Science options including Science Junior (ages 5-8), and Science Expeditions (ages 8+).

Buy Now: Little Passports Subscription

24. Universal Yums Snacks Subscription

Universal Yums stocking stuffer for the family

Give a taste of the world with these fun snacks from around the globe. You can give Universal Yums as a single box, or as a recurring gift for three, six, or twelve months, with a new box arriving each month.

This is a great gift for the whole family. Each month’s snacks come from a different country! Slip a note into the stocking letting them know what will be coming.

Buy Now: Universal Yums Snacks Subscription

Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers: The Practical Stuff

25. Motion Sickness Wristbands

E wearing her black Sea Bands waiting for a bus in a green dress.

We became huge fans of these wristbands on our cross-country road trip. Whether it’s windy roads, bumpy flights, or rough seas, these anti-nausea wristbands work wonders. These run small, even our four-year-old needed the adult size.

We have used these for over two years, and our (sensitive) kids have never gotten sick while wearing them. Make sure to put them on before they start feeling nauseous.

Buy Now: Motion Sickness Bands

26. Labello Lip Balm

Labello is my favorite chapstick in the entire world, and for the longest time, you could not purchase it stateside.

This pack of three makes a great gift, it includes the Original Daily Moisturizer, Sun Protect with SPF 30, and Med Repair with vitamin E and SPF 15.

I especially like the sun protection, it keeps my lips healthy even after long days of traveling in the full sun.

Buy Now: Labello Lip Balm

27. Wired Headphones Tanglefree Case

Yes, we still have wired headphones- sometimes simpler is better! This silicone case keeps them tangle-free in your carry-on.

Silicone headphone case  in a hand, flipped open to show how it works

You flip open the silicone holder, tuck in the earbud portion of your headphones at the top, wrap the cord around the middle, and then flip the silicone closed again.

Choose a bright color to make them easy to find when you want them. We love these for plane travel!

Buy Now: Tangle-free Headphones Case

28. Reusable Ear Plugs

Whether on a plane or in a noisy hotel, a good pair of earplugs will help you sleep and get you rested for the adventures ahead. Forget the foam ones that you throw away after a few uses, these earplugs are washable and reusable and come in fun colors.

Hand with the palm open in front of a leaf, holding a small set of reusable ear plugs

The box comes with two pairs- a large and a small size so you can find your fit. Made from soft, comfortable silicone, it fits inside your ear so that you don’t feel it when your ear presses against a pillow.

I love my dark blue pair, they are so lightweight and easy to carry so I always have them when I need them. These are a great stocking stuffer for campers or anyone who has ever tried to sleep through barking dogs and crowing roosters.

Buy Now: Reusable Ear Plugs

29. Gear Tech Wash

When you travel, keeping your gear working well is key. Take care of it so it will last longer and perform better. Nikwax Tech Wash is a simple and effective way to clean waterproof jackets and pants and keep them performing like new. This is a liquid detergent that you put in the wash with your travel gear.

Buy Now: Travel Gear Tech Wash

30. Waterproofing Spray

Staying dry is important for staying warm and comfortable when hiking or traveling. Over time, water will no longer bead off rain jackets but begin to soak in.

Applying a waterproofing spray restores the DWR finish while promoting breathability and keeps travel gear working for many adventures to come.

Buy Now: Travel Gear Waterproofing Spray

31. Travel Nail Kit

Don’t get left hanging… check out this handy travel nail kit! This set of seven pieces comes in a great little pouch and is a perfect stocking stuffer for travelers to take on the road. Everything (and more) that you could need for grooming on the road.

Buy Now: Travel Nail Kit

There You Have It: Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Some of the best travel stocking stuffers for travelers, with something for the whole family, from the practical to the entertaining. Check out our Travel Gear page for more of our trusted products. Do you have any favorite travel-themed stocking stuffers that we missed? We’d love to hear!

If you know someone planning a road trip, consider gifting them something from our list of the best road trip essentials– from kids’ games to jumper cables we’ve got everything to make a road trip smooth and mess-free.

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