Best Walking tours of Vienna Austria

11 Top Walking Tours of Vienna Austria in 2024

Vienna, Austria is a gorgeous city full of ornate palaces and wide boulevards. It is packed with history, from the Hapsburgs and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, through Anschluss and World War II. So much has happened on these streets and behind these palace walls. A walking tour of Vienna is a great way to not only get to know the old town but to learn more about this complex history and the cafe culture Vienna is known for.

We spent a month in Vienna with our kids, walking the streets, visiting the top sights, and of course tasting some of the famous pastries! We also had my parents visiting for the holidays, so we were three generations all learning about this city together.

In this post, we’ll cover the best Vienna walking tours, these five-star tours range from classic Vienna old-town walking tours that are a terrific introduction for first-time visitors, to in-depth tours that cover the history of a specific period. You might also like a market and food walking tour or even a dessert and pastry walking tour.

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Horse and carriage entering the Hofburg Palace outside the Sisi Museum in Vienna in December

Editors Pick: Best Classic Old Town
Walking Tour of Vienna
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Vienna Old Town Highlights
Walking Tour

Why Take a Walking Tour in Vienna Austria?

A walking tour of Vienna is a great introduction to Vienna for first-time visitors. A classic old town walking tour will cover the basic history of the city, from the famous Empress Sisi and the Hapsburg Empire to the bombings during World War II. As the capital city of Austria and the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so much has happened here.

For those who are already familiar with Vienna, historical walking tours or food tours offer a way to learn more about Austrian culture- from sites specific to Hitler and World War II, to a Christmas market tour focused on Austrian holiday traditions.

All of these walking tours are best if you can arrange them toward the start of your visit to Vienna. On a walking tour, you’ll pass by many interesting sites, but usually not go inside, so you’ll want time to return to places that interest you.

Walking tour guides are also wonderful sources of local information, and will often give you tips on where to eat and where to go in Vienna that will be useful for the remainder of your visit.

Quick Guide: The Best Walking Tours of Vienna Austria

Horse and carriage entering the Hofburg Palace outside the Sisi Museum in Vienna in December

Vienna Old Town Highlights
Walking Tour

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
2 1/2 hours, 6 People or Less

Historical photo of gate to Hofburg Palace with Nazi Flag showing history on Vienna Walking Tour

Hitler and WWII Walking Tour of Vienna

Covers Hitler’s time in Vienna, Anschluss, and WWII


Vienna Food, Coffee, and Market Walking Tour

6 Hour Market and Food Tour
Includes Lunch and Drinks

11 Best Walking Tours of Vienna Austria

These are the best walking tours of Vienna, from the classic old town walking tour that helps you navigate and understand the city, to historical tours that dig deeper into Vienna’s tumultuous past.

We’ve also got the best Vienna Christmas market tours, a Jewish heritage tour, and of course, several food and pastry tours! We found that Vienna is a largely flat city, which makes it very easy to walk around.

1. Old Town Highlights Classic Vienna Walking Tour

Horse and carriage entering the Hofburg Palace outside the Sisi Museum in Vienna in December

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 1/2 Hours   ✅ Very Small Group, City Center   🔎 Check Rates

This highly rated, very small group tour starts at the Albertinaplatz, home to the Albertina Museum, and visits such iconic places as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace complex, the Volksgarten (a park known for its roses), and the Vienna State Opera House.

Highly recommend this tour if you’re into history, architecture and the best places to get coffee in Vienna! Our guide was amazing and very informative.

eva_T (Read more reviews)

This classic walking tour of Old Town Vienna is limited to 6 people or less, you’ll get a very personal experience. This is the perfect introduction to Vienna and the history and culture of Austria.

We love this tour for all ages- if you have older family members visiting with you, this tour is a great introduction for everyone.

Book Now: Old Town Highlights Classic Vienna Walking Tour

2. Vienna City Center Small Group Walking Tour

Tour guide on a small group walking tour of Vienna Austria

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 1/2 Hours   ✅ City Center, Small Group   🔎 Check Rates

On this walking tour of Vienna’s city center, you’ll see the highlights of the old city, from St. Stephens to Graben Street and the Hofburg.

You’ll also visit a few places you might miss on your own- like the former residence of Ludwig van Beethoven, and the Frestel Passage, which is even more interesting with a bit of explanation and history.

Wonderful tour given by our guide Dace! We learned so much Austrian history and architecture. She gave us so much tidbits to keep even my teens engaged. We loved this tour on a VERY hot day.

jabina_R (Read more reviews)

This tour ends at St. Stephen’s Church, so you’ll be free to explore more from there. This tour has more than 600 5-star reviews. It is limited to 15 people or less, so a fairly small group for a walking tour.

Book Now: Vienna City Center Small Group Walking Tour

3. Historical Walking Tour of Vienna

tour group on a walking tour in front of the plague column on the Graben in Vienna Austria

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Led by a Historian, Small Group  🔎 Check Rates

This historical walking tour of Vienna starts at Michaelerplatz, where you’ll learn about the city’s kings, queens, and revolutionaries while viewing the ornate architecture of the Hofburg Palace. You’ll head down the famous streets of Kohlmarkt and the Graben to visit Stephansdom, the central Cathedral.

We enjoyed the history along with the anecdotes about various elements of Austrian and Viennese history like the kidnapping of Richard the Lion Hearted. This was our best walking tour by far on our trip across Europe.

richard_S (Read more reviews)

This walking tour also includes the old city walls, Belvedere Palace, the Museums Quartier and Maria Theresien Platz, as well as the Naschmarkt. Since this is a slightly longer tour than others, you’ll cover a bit more ground. This is a very small group, with a maximum of 8 travelers.

Book Now: Historical Walking Tour of Vienna

4. Vienna Food, Coffee and Market Walking Tour

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 6 Hours   ✅ Food Tour, Includes Lunch   🔎 Check Rates

On this 6 hour market tour you’ll learn where the locals eat and shop. This tour starts with a Vienesse breakfast of coffee and strudel and then works its way from the city center to the bohemian district of Mariahilf, and then back through the Naschmarkt market.

You’ll visit Vienna’s longest street market, and have a typical Austrian lunch including dessert and local wine or beer.

Lots of amazing food, history and laughter. You will be truly stuffed by the end of this tour so bring your appetite. Highly recommend this tour.

kimberly_P (Read more reviews)

This tour provides plenty of tastings, travelers report being stuffed! You may take public transportation for part of this tour. The maximum group size for this walking tour is 16 people.

This is the tour for foodies! You’ll go really in-depth, and eat your way through the city. My kids always make fun of me for buying all the snacks and local specialties.

Book Now: Vienna Food, Coffee and Market Walking Tour

5. Vienna Pastry and Dessert Walking Tour

Fancy pastries and desserts in Vienna on a food tour

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 1/2 Hours   ✅ Pastry and Dessert   🔎 Check Rates

This 3 1/2 hour walking tour explores the sweet side of Vienna’s famous cafe culture. You’ll visit some of the best bakeries, pastry shops, and chocolatiers in the city. But don’t worry about having too many sweets, your third stop will be a savory stop where you’ll enjoy schnitzel or dumplings, so you’ll be ready for more desserts!

Simply the BEST tour we did in Vienna. Incredible food while learning about life in Vienna. Each stop brought us to parts of the city we would have never thought to visit. Such an amazing and thoughtful host/guide!”

shawn_F (read more reviews)

This walking tour in Vienna gets solid 5-star reviews, while you’ll mostly be walking, you may take public transportation between areas of town. This is a small group tour, expect to have ten or fewer travelers.

We love trying all the delicious pastries in Vienna- this tour gives you an excuse to do that for a few hours!

Book Now: Vienna Pastry and Dessert Walking Tour

6. Vienna Christmas Markets Walking Tour

Group tour looking at a stall in a Vienna Christmas market

🌟 Rating: 4 1/2 Stars   ⏳ Up to 3 Hours   ✅ Christmas Markets, Small Group   🔎 Check Rates

This walking tour of Vienna’s Christmas markets is a small group tour that includes four lovely Christmas markets, each of which is quite different. You’ll start at Mariahilfer Kirche, then head to the Spittleberg market, then to the MuseumQuartier, one of the hippest markets, and then end in Maria Theresien Platz at the Christmas Village there. Throughout the walking tour, you’ll learn about Christmas in Austria- from local traditions to specialty foods.

What a wonderful way to visit a few of the Christmas Markets with a local guide. We were able to see some of the markets that were more intimate with organic food and drinks from local merchants.

ingrid_S (Read more reviews)

Drinks and snacks are included, so you’ll have a chance to taste some of the most traditional foods at the Christmas markets. This walking tour has a maximum of 20 travelers, children are welcome, but guests must be 18 or older for alcoholic drinks (non-alcoholic are also available).

Book Now: Vienna Christmas Markets Walking Tour

The Christmas markets are such a fun part of the Vienna experience in the winter, we loved visiting each and every one!

7. Private Vienna Christmas Market Walking Tour

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 1/2 Hours   ✅ Christmas Markets, Private Tour   🔎 Check Rates

Take a walking tour through the Old Town where you learn about Christmas traditions and visit Vienna’s famous Christmas markets. On this private tour, you’ll start at the Art Mart at Karlskirche, stroll along the famous pedestrian street Graben past the Hofburg Palace, and visit the most traditional Christmas Market at Freyung.

Walter was a great guide. The tour was interesting and the markets were really fun! It was just the right amount of time and walking.

melinda_F (Read more reviews)

This private tour can be customized to your interests, or you can choose specific markets. You’ll end your tour at the world-famous Rathausplatz Christmas market, the largest of the Vienna Christmas markets, where you can continue to explore on your own.

Book Now: Private Vienna Christmas Market Walking Tour

Visiting Vienna in Winter? We’ve got the best things to do in Vienna in December as well as a full guide to the Vienna Christmas markets. We’ll help you figure out where to visit and what to eat!

8. Hitler and WWII Walking Tour of Vienna

Historical photo of gate to Hofburg Palace with Nazi Flag showing history on Vienna Walking Tour

🌟 Rating: 4 1/2 Stars   ⏳ 2 1/2 Hours   ✅ Hitler, WWII Focus   🔎 Check Rates

This WWII walking tour focuses on the history of Vienna from Hitler’s time in the city as a youth (where he was rejected from art school), through Anschluss, to the end of World War II. This tour includes visits to the Jewish synagogue, as well as the Memorial to the Austrian Jews killed in the Holocaust.

Very knowledgeable about the historical involvement of Vienna during WW2. Kept everyone engaged and provided insight of Hilter’s life in Vienna. Highly recommend this tour to every age group.

angiekrebs (Read more reviews)

You’ll also see areas of the city damaged by bombing during the war, including where the Metropole Hotel stood. This hotel became one of the most brutal Gestapo headquarters during the Third Reich. This tour has a maximum of 25 travelers.

This is a great tour for families with slightly older kids, who can handle this difficult history.

Book Now: Hitler and WWII Walking Tour of Vienna

9. Vienna Poverty and Homelessness Walking Tour

Tour guide on a poverty themed walking tour in Vienna

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 Hours   ✅ Poverty, Ex-homeless Guide   🔎 Check Rates

This tour on poverty and homelessness in Austria is run by an ex-homeless person who can speak to their personal experience as well as to the politics and policies in place in Vienna and throughout Austria today. This is not a history tour, but rather a walking tour focused on the current situation and the contrasts within the city.

“Vlads tour included educational facts, insights in austrian policy, his own story (which was moving as well as thought provoking), and some interactive back-and-forth with the group. This experience will likely stay with me longer than I can imagine at this time.”

Fer_T (Read more reviews)

This tour has over 500 5-star reviews. This is a great way to get off the main tourist track and gain a new perspective on Austria and the city of Vienna. Please note that the tour does not visit shelters or expose homeless people. This educational small-group tour is limited to 15 people.

This is a fantastic tour to get older kids and teens to think differently about the city they are exploring, and their own privilege as a traveler.

Book Now: Vienna Poverty and Homelessness Walking Tour

10. Jewish Culture and Crisis in Vienna Walking Tour

outside of a synagogue on a Jewish walking tour of Vienna

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 3 Hours   ✅ Jewish History, Small Group   🔎 Check Rates

This unique walking tour covers the history of the Jewish people in Vienna. Once one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe, you’ll learn about expulsion, genocide, and finally, the revival of the Jewish population in Vienna. This tour also includes information about famous Jewish Viennese intellectuals, from Sigmund Freud to Gustav Mahler.

The tour covered a broad history of the Jewish community in Vienna, and Annelie brought every moment alive with her narration and her visuals. She gave us the benefit of her wide range of knowledge and understanding of Viennese Jewish life through the ages.

susan_K (Read more reviews)

You’ll visit the site of two synagogues, as well as a holocaust memorial. This tour may use public transportation, it has a maximum of 8 travelers so you’ll always have a personal experience.

Whether you are Jewish or not, this is a timely tour to think about how Jewish history and the greater world around us. Perfect for families with older kids and teens.

Book Now: Jewish Culture and Crisis in Vienna Walking Tour

11. Historical Crimes Walking Tour of Vienna

🌟 Rating: 5 Stars   ⏳ 2 Hours   ✅ Crimes, Dark History  🔎 Check Rates

This historical crimes tour is a fun take on Viennese history, focusing on tales of crimes and legendary tales of nobles. You’ll learn about the “Bloody Countess” and visit St. Stephens to learn its dark history.

There were so many fascinating stories, the explanation was very vivid and it felt like traveling in time.The tour guide is very knowledgeable and knows the stories in depth and is generally very passionate about history.

besa (Read more reviews)

This tour may accommodate up to 25 people. It is the perfect tour for fans of dark legends, true crimes, the macabre, or those looking for fascinating behind-the-scenes stories not told in most guidebooks.

This is a great tour for families with teens or preteens who may not be interested in a more traditional old town walking tour, without dealing with difficult or heavy subjects.

Book Now: Historical Crimes Walking Tour of Vienna

What Will I See on a Walking Tour of Vienna?

Vienna is a very safe city, you can walk alone in the central districts during the day and at night without worrying about safety. It is also an easy city to walk around, you’ll find that many of these longer walking tours of Vienna include a short ride on public transportation in between neighborhoods.

There’s so much to see in Vienna, which is one of the reasons we like visiting this city so much. No tour will cover everything, even in the historic center.

Depending on the theme of the guided walking tour, you may see different locations, or have a different focus. However, many of the best Vienna walking tours will include the following locations in the old city.

St. Stephens Cathedral

The tallest church in Austria, Stephansdom is in the center of Old Town Vienna. Its four towers are a landmark in the city- you can go to the top of two of them. The Roman Catholic seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, this cathedral is a symbol of Austria and the burial site of many Habsburgs as well as cardinals and archbishops.

Hofburg Palace

The home of the Hapsburg royal family for more than 600 years, this palace complex started as a Medieval castle and was slowly expanded into almost an Imperial city-within-a-city.

It now contains more than 2,600 rooms that house multiple museums, the Spanish Riding School, the offices of the Federal President of Austria, and the offices of various government ministries.

Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera House is the opera house with the largest repertoire in the world- they put on a different ballet or opera each evening, necessitating a set change every day. Each season they put on more than 50 different productions. This beautiful building is also the site of the annual Vienna Opera Ball each spring.

Hallway and statues inside the Vienna State Opera House in Vienna Austria


The Graben is Vienna’s most famous shopping street. On this pedestrian-only street you’ll find the Plague Column, as well as many expensive stores. This street dates back to Roman times, legend says that Richard the Lionheart walked here.


The Vienna city hall, the Rathausplatz is an ornate neo-gothic building that sits in front of a City Hill park famous for its festivals and winter Christmas market. This is part of the Ringstrasse- the outer ring that circles Vienna’s old town.

View of the front of the Rathaus in Vienna on a day with blue skies.

It is important to note that walking tours in Vienna generally do not enter cathedrals or museums but give you a historical overview, you’ll then want to plan to return to certain landmarks to explore them in more depth.

FAQ: Best Vienna Walking Tours

Can you walk around Vienna?

Yes, Vienna is a walkable city, especially its city center. There are also trams, buses, and trains to get you from neighborhood to neighborhood easily and inexpensively.

Are There Free Walking Tours of Vienna?

Yes, there are free walking tours of Vienna, but of course, tips are expected at the end of the tour. These free walking tours are generally about 2 hours, and give you a basic introduction to Vienna. Many of these tours accommodate groups of up to 35 or more people. These tours are offered to give the tour companies a chance to introduce you to other tours they offer that you may be interested in.

Free tours can be great if you are looking for a basic introduction to the city. The walking tours we recommend here are smaller group tours that go deeper into a specific part of Austria’s history or have a more specific theme (such as a food tour).

There You Have It: Best Walking Tours in Vienna Austria

There are so many wonderful walking tours in Vienna, Austria. Which is the best walking tour in Vienna for you? We love walking around Vienna as a family and learning new things about the complicated history of this city.

If you are a first-time visitor, we recommend our top pick: Vienna Old Town Highlights Walking Tour. If you love food, from schnitzel to pastry, we recommend a day-long food and market tour.

If you are already familiar with Vienna and its history, consider a more in-depth Hitler and WWII Walking Tour of Vienna, or treat yourself to a pastry and dessert walking tour!

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