Get Prepared For a

Family Year Out

Sharing the Wander

Escape the ordinary and embark on a family adventure of a lifetime! Learn how to plan the ultimate family gap year and create memories that last a lifetime.

Epic Adventures Await!

Choose The Right Time & Duration

Seasonal weather, school / work schedules, holidays, and destination-specific factors are all things to consider when balancing work and play.

Selecting The Perfect Destination

Picking family-friendly destinations worldwide that offer rich cultural experiences is part of the fun!


Budgeting For Adventure

Nailing down details in advance will help you save on accommodations, transportation, daily expenses, and stress.

Logistics & Legalities

Travel insurance, border restrictions, and travel visas are crucial pre-work for an extended family stay abroad.

Staying Connected

To stay connected with work, friends, and family back home, contact your cell phone company and get a wi-fi hotspot.

Get Your Home Ready

De-clutter and purge

Forward your mail

Make arraingements for plants and animals

Pause utilities & services






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