Puzzles and Travel-Themed Games for Kids

Sharing the Wander

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78 pieces- perfect for kids ages 4-8 to do on their own. Includes continent labels, landmarks, and animals around the world.

Map of the World Puzzle

GeoPuzzles Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles of a certain geographic area, such as Europe or Asia. Each puzzle piece is the shape of a country! These are fun, colorful ways for kids to learn geography.

Continent Race Board Game

A trivia board game, where you try to collect cards from countries on each continent. This game won the Creative Child Awards 2020 Game of the Year.

Wild Kratts Board Game

Our girls love the Wild Kratts on PBS Kids! In this Race Around the World board game, players race to collect creature power suit cards while learning about animals and habitats.

Gather magnetic stamps in your passport while answering questions about various countries and cultures. 

Passport to Culture: Travel Edition

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